Reasons And How to Measure Furniture for Storing or Moving

Moving is exciting but full of challenges like what you plan to take or store. Your furniture will need a reliable removalist. Heavy furniture needs removalists with stamina and strength as it is a physically taxing task. It doesn’t matter if you desire to move the heavy belongings safely between offices, homes, storage facilities, or loaded in the vehicle for delivery. 

When you contact the storage facility or a furniture removalist the first question you will be asked is ‘how much space you need’ or ‘how much moving is needed’. You don’t know as you are not trained in calculating the removal or space needs in Cubic volume. Cubic volume is the standard measurement unit used to calculate necessary space. It helps to offer customers accurate quotes on their storage space or moving needs. It means customers don’t have to pay too little or too much. 

1 cubic meter or 1 m³ means each side is 1 m long. However, every item is not in the shape of a cube or square, so you measure 3 dimensions L [length] x W [width] x H [height]. Use meter values so you get the result in m³. If sofas depth is 61cm then use 0.61m for calculation. 

Tips to measure house for local storage and moving

  • Write every large item, which cannot be packed on paper. 
  • Note them separately under storage and moving categories.
  • Take a tape and measure the listed item. You can use the Virtual Furniture measurement tool. If you are not a tech fan, then measure the diagonal depth and width of the sofa or couch or armoire or bookcase. Never include pillows or cushions. 

The best way is to use the cubic meter calculatoravailable on the Easy Peasy Removal website. It even gives you an idea of the moving truck size to rent or how much space is needed at the storage facility.

How to use the move volume calculator?

  • Click ‘Add’ every time you add the personal items you plan to move.
  • You will automatically gain the moving volume.
  • Click to gain quotes directly. 

Reasons to use move volume calculator

  • Calculating in Cubic meter is essential because the chances you don’t overbook or even worse still cause delays because the transport truck size was small. In any case, you will spend more money and your budget will go haywire.
  • You will rob yourself of the opportunity of shopping around for the best deals.
  • You will be unable to compare prices. 
  • It will give an accurate and quick volume calculation of furniture removal for FREE.
  • It even gives an idea of how much space is needed in the new office or home. You even gain an idea of how much will fit in every room. 
  • You can efficiently plan a budget around this calculation results. 
  • It’s an estimation, but a good start to discuss rates with removalists and storage facility providers. 

What other aspects will impact the moving or storing cost?

The other aspects that will impact the removal cost include the route, distance, transport mode, and sensitive belongings like piano or fine art. It is wise to use the content volume calculator to create an effective budget!

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