How to Access Canadian Netflix from Anywhere in the World

‘Netflix and Chill’ is almost as old as Netflix itself. By now a household name, every house has at least one Netflix subscription.

However, Netflix hides a little-known secret—Netflix has different content libraries for other regions in the world.

What does this mean?

Good question!

Ever noticed how you simply can’t access some of the TV shows and movies that you’ve easily been able to access back home while traveling? Did you chalk that off to an internet glitch? Most people do!

Some people are so curious to know how to get American Netflix in Canada and vice versa. They surely can enjoy shows from anywhere around the world as it’s true; Netflix allows users from different regions to access different shows; this means that users in any region cannot access all the shows and movies available on Netflix overall—including Netflix originals.

However, there’s a good workaround for this! We do know for sure that any new TV show or movie is more likely to make its debut on Canadian Netflix.

This means that if you could just access Canadian Netflix from anywhere in the world, that would solve the problem—and it does! All you need to do that is a Canada VPN. You can also check WatchTVAbroad’s guide.

How can I watch Canadian Netflix with a VPN?

A VPN lets you connect to the internet indirectly, using a remote and secure server. This process enables you to choose the country you want to connect through as an additional benefit.

Once you pick a country, the VPN protocol will start routing your traffic through a server placed in that country—temporarily replacing your IP address with that of your VPN server. You are now a user from a country you picked on a drop-down menu to the online world.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if you pick Canada as your country, you will be connected to the internet through a VPN server placed in Canada. Your IP address will also be changed to that of your server.

Netflix servers will now recognize you as a Canadian user, giving you access to the Canadian library! Sounds pretty cool, right?

You don’t need to be a tech genius to set up a VPN

The intricate working makes it sound as though setting up and using a VPN to access Canadian Netflix would be a complicated procedure. On the contrary, it’s pretty simple! All you have to do is follow four simple steps.

Here they are (you can get done with them in 10 minutes—tops)

  1. Sign up to a reputed and reliable streaming VPN
  2. Download and install the correct application for your device
  3. Pick Canada from the country menu
  4. Load up Netflix and enjoy the Canadian library!

It is important to make sure that you are using a streaming VPN. Netflix employs advanced VPN-detecting programs that could block your account permanently. This technology will easily detect low-quality VPNs, especially free ones.

On the other hand, streaming VPNs are especially created to help you bypass these programs and bots to allow for smooth and easy streaming as you switch between libraries without getting your account into trouble.

How to register for Canadian Netflix from outside Canada?

Now, accessing Canadian Netflix is great, but what happens if you aren’t even a part of Netflix Canada? Don’t worry; we got you.

Even if Netflix isn’t available in your region yet, you can easily use a Canada VPN to unblock it. Once you can load the website up without issues using a Canadian VPN server, opt to sign up instead of sign in.

Fill in all the required information and select a payment method that works in your country. When you submit the form, you’re done! You’re officially a part of Netflix Canada!

Should you consider using a DNS instead of a VPN to access Netflix Canada?

Many people use DNS technology to change their online locations quickly. It is also a popular option among fans of streaming and gaming, so it’s natural to think that a DNS could solve your problem.

Here’s the thing; Netflix technology is clever at detecting when a user has spoofed their location, which is why if you don’t want to risk getting your account blocked, it is recommended to use a high-quality streaming VPN instead.

The second reason we don’t encourage DNS use is that the security provided is poor. With a VPN, a user benefits from high-level encryption and complete anonymity, which protects against online attacks and cybercrimes.

Popular shows to watch on Netflix Canada

Some of our favorite shows on Netflix Canada include:

Schitt’s Creek

A hilarious comedy following the Rose family as they go from billionaire status to broke and have to move to a small town called the ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Locke and Key

The Locke Mansion hides secret keys that unlock wonderful and terrifying places and truths.


Patty goes from being the unpopular fat girl to a pageant queen after having her jaw broken. But her new queen status uncovers a darker side Patty didn’t know she had.