Eight Marketing Tactics to Use in Your Packaging Design Today.

Quality packaging design is one of the most important criteria for good sales. Good Quality packaging design is one of the most important criteria for good sales. Good packaging design allows you to captivate the buyer leave a good impression. design allows you to captivate the buyer leave a good impression. All this makes the buying process much more pleasant and gently encourages the purchase of goods. Properly selected designer package conveys the brand identity and reveals to the buyer the product’s properties. Introducing 8 Marketing Strategies in Packaging Design

Flat design

This is nothing more than the use of one-dimensional illustrations in the packaging design. Such images remind us of an application. They are easy to perceive, not overloaded with details, and focus on the most important thing. It can be a simple creative packaging based on “flat” graphic illustrations, which consists of pictures cut out of paper – the effect of the application. Or an extraordinary packaging design – one color scheme, played in different ways and simple drawings. This allows you to create a targeted mood and evoke positive emotions in the buyer. Another interesting one-dimensional design method is pattern design, which uses repeating backgrounds and illustrations.

Use in packaging photographs

If you are selling a product in individual packaging, their image will help the buyer to make a choice in favor of your product. People often make a choice “with their eyes.” When they see a thing, they want to buy it, because they like the stylish design. This is even more. true for custom cannabis packaging, where products are presented in a very “appetizing” format.

Graphic drawings on the packaging

This technique uses a monochromatic freehand drawing, which “catches” the buyer’s attention with its unusualness. The only image method is used in such packages – a line to convey the contours of objects, shadows, and perspective.

Packed with glitter and gold

The use of the usual palette in the design and additional colors with a metallic sheen requires a good sense of style. Here the task of the designer is not to overdo it but to harmoniously use the features of the packaging or emphasize the main thing in the design. Among the other technologies, one can especially note the glitch effect, the effects of glitter, and holograms. Such a package captivates with an utterly unusual material that beautifully glares and creates dynamics in perception. In any case, the eye will stop at such a package. Or the glitter of gold is a win-win design option, but only if it is applied to the place. Gold is associated with luxury and wealth, so premium packaging often contains gold elements. Adequately selected colors, which will be organically combined with gilded details, will make the packaging of your product attractive and spectacular.

Typography and lettering

Sometimes the packaging design consists only of text. But this is not an ordinary font, but real lettering, where a combination of different writing styles creates a unique packaging design. The letters on such packaging represent a single stylized composition. The main thing is not to confuse lettering with calligraphy and fonts like human handwriting.

Illustrations in packaging design

The author’s illustrations will always be the center of attention, and they are unusual, attractive, eye-catching. Monochromatic, contrasting, pastel, bright – the color scheme depends only on the designer’s imagination. Such colorful packaging captivates with a combination of ornament and illustration, which perfectly conveys a cheerful mood.

Textures and surface imitations of natural materials

The illusion of wood, metal, glass, natural stone – such non-standard packaging can be used in almost any industry. The textured design gives the packaging a more effective and solid look and a tactile quality. One of the most popular tactile effects of packaging is the dullness of the entire surface or its individual elements. The material, fully treated with matt varnish, becomes velvety silky to the touch.

Minimalism in packaging design

Artistic minimalism in design attracts attention due to simplicity, which is only emphasized by the color scheme. Minimalism offers one or two artistic touches and a limited color palette compared to the over-detailed packaging design. The result is very effective product packaging.

In conclusion

Each of the described packaging options has its characteristics. The product’s design should not only be creative but also contain an idea because the packaging sells the product! Thanks to evidence-based packaging design research, the designers have the data to determine the package and how to differentiate a refreshed product from the competition. All facts from the study support conclusions.