3 Important Ways You Can Reduce Anxiety in Your Life

The last two years have been an incredibly trying time. We were all going through our lives, experiencing the typical ups and downs, when suddenly the pandemic swept onto the scene. All at once our usual way of being was cast aside and an entirely new and unknown reality was put in its place. The freedom to go anywhere and just enjoy your day was replaced with lockdowns, quarantining and worry about what was going on in the world. In the blink of an eye, everything about our existence had changed.

The unforgiving restrictions and experience of being confined to one small space almost all the time intensified everyone’s feeling of isolation. Anxiety levels went through the roof as we were faced with a deep fear of the unknown and seemingly no one who could really tell us what to do or what to expect. If you were someone who was already prone to nervousness and anxiety, all of these developments were truly the perfect storm. The pressure cooker of life was challenging us, and it became critically important to look for ways to proactively de-stress and reduce anxiety.

  • Apps That Can Help Keep You Calm

It’s easy for stress to take over and for anxiety to sweep in and knock us off our feet. Fortunately, there are some great apps and audio or video programs that can help you keep things on a more even keel. If you use these on a regular basis, you can help reduce your fight or flight response and lower your stress levels.Some of these apps are also great for helping you relax before bedtime. During the pandemic, many people reported irregular sleep patterns and a far lower quality of sleep each night. When this happens, the body does not get a chance to relax and recover and you therefore never break the stress patterns. By using these tools, you can help train your body to respond to the calming cues and lower your constant anxiety levels.

  • Get Your Oral Health Care from Qualified Sedation Dentist

When you are highly stressed and anxious, a traumatizing event can push you totally over the edge. If you are an individual who had bad experiences with dental care in the past and who has developed a deep fear and anxiousness over future treatments, you should consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry can help transform your experiences and let you get the oral health care you need. A sedation dentist is highly trained and fully qualified to administer OCS, or Oral Conscious Sedation. With OCS the dentist can provide a form of sedation that works quickly and safely and removes all dental anxiety and fear.

  • Spend Time Walking in Nature

It is easy to become trapped in our minds and in the societal world that has been created around us. Each new stressor just intensifies the anxiety we already feel, and we wonder whether the next input will simply push us over the edge. We start to feel unsafe and sense an impending feeling of doom.We need to break the cycle and restore our systems and body to a calmer, more stable place. One of the best ways to do this is to spend time walking in nature, immersed in a beautiful setting away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Nature in inherently calming and far more vast than we are, and as we become one with nature we entrain to the calmer rhythms of the outdoors.

If you are suffering from anxiety, you need to find ways to break the cycle and dramatically reduce your levels of stress. Taking the time to work with ways to change your patterns and help rewrite the things that make you highly anxious will bring many benefits to your life.

Feature Image Credit Goes to Brian D’Cruz