Logo design ideas

The logo is the most important part of a company’s image, it serves to identify the organization on the market, displays the concept and positioning of the brand, testifies to its individuality, sets it apart from competitors, and is closely connected to marketing. What is the carrier of a logo? Almost all objects that surround us serve as carriers:

  • food packaging,
  • clothing;
  • Technology;
  • transportation;
  • etc.

The most important thing is that the logo begins to work only after it becomes recognizable and memorable to consumers.

Designing and creating a logo is about translating a symbol or a sign into a representation of a company, its policy, and its essence. It should be simple, harmonious, to plant the image of the product in the mind of the consumer and cause a positive associative series. That is the main purpose of the logo – the company’s impact on public perception, not only on potential customers.

The tasks of a logo are simple – to create a favorable image of the company, image, and reputation, to help define you to customers among other identical companies. The absence of a logo robs you of your ability to compete, to self-identify. A bad logo is even worse – you risk alienating your audience.

Logo design ideas 1

The advantage of this method is that you create the necessary logo without spending money. For this case is worth taking if you:

  • have the time;
  • have sufficient qualifications;
  • have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

If you do not have the above, you run the risk of creating a poor-quality logo. By doing so, you will be lost among your competitors and your brand will not be recognized.

If you think you can create a logo that will blow away not only you but many other people – try it! Moreover, without a designer will not do, your picture will still have to vector, and for this use a professional graphics program. Can you do it yourself? Great! Good luck!

Using a logo builder

Not only can you create a cool logo yourself, but you can also use logo builders. Their advantage is quick production speed and availability. Anyone can master such a program, but their disadvantage is that there is no uniqueness. Logo constructor is a collection of all kinds of icons and icons. This indicates that this or that template has been used repeatedly. The output may be a logo that someone else already has.

Design services

There are design studios and marketing agencies. There you will get a decent logo, which will conform to all graphic canons. The downside is the high cost. Studios pay for the premises, the salaries of full-time employees and even cleaners who are far from your order.

You can use the services of a freelance designer. The cost of his services will be much cheaper, since he has no expenses for rent, etc. There are numerous freelance exchanges for this purpose. The advantage of freelance exchanges is that you can find a professional designer who will make you a great logo for a modest fee. The minus is that anyone can participate there and you never know who you will bump into. You spend a lot of time until you find among dozens or hundreds of people suitable for your requirements. In addition, freelancing is not just for designers, but for many people who want to try themselves or earn extra money.

Basic logo ideas

Nowadays, there are a large number of different types and ideas of logos. Their only purpose is to be memorable and effective. Some logos consist solely of the name, or abbreviation – letter (typeface) logos. Others consist only of an image or picture – symbolic (pictorial) logos. Others are combined (mixed), they combine the image and name, and there are three-dimensional.

Logo design ideas 2

Logo by Demo paityn

Logo design ideas 3

Logo by Masum Billah

Logo design ideas 4

Logo by Abdullah Mubin

Logo design ideas 5

Logo by Abdullah Shawon

Logo design ideas 6


Logo design ideas 7

Logo by Demo paityn

Logo design ideas 8

Logo by Demo paityn

Logo design ideas 9

Logo by pixtocraft

Logo design ideas 10

Logo by Mahjabin Afrin

Logo design ideas 11

Logo by ikram h sakib

Logo design ideas 12

Logo by Ninn Gelashvili

Logo design ideas 13

Logo by Demo paityn

Logo design ideas 14

Logo by Milos Djuric

Logo design ideas 15

Logo by pixtocraft

Logo design ideas 16

Logo by Mahjabin Afrin


The modern company needs a logo. The demand for online sales is growing, the number of stores is increasing, and against this background, branding remains a good way to attract and retain the target audience. Now, every owner of even a small store can create a logo on their own, without having the appropriate skills. There are handy and simple tools for this. The main thing when developing a logo is not to repeat oneself, take into account fashion trends in design and boldly implement your ideas.