5 Different Types of Desks to Fit Different Spaces.

From work to play, and office to home, desks are the best single piece of furniture for multiple activities. It can be the centerpiece of any space used for a hobby, schoolwork, a job, or relaxation. We are sure, most people do not know about more than five types of desks.

Surprisingly, you will encounter limitless options while buying a desk. To know which desk is perfect for your room size, storage needs, or aesthetic tastes, dig into this article. We will explain five different types of desks to fit different spaces in your home or office setup.

1.      Floating Desks

A Floating desk is one of the best options for a  small apartment. Also known by the name of wall desk, it can work perfectly in any room if you install it carefully. It is mounted directly onto a wall often with shelving and cubbies.

Their vertical frame makes these desks incredibly useful for a limited space. The drawers of floating desks are mostly inaccessible. They may have small shelves to store books, ornaments or small plants. It is mostly used for dorms or bedrooms.

2.      Standing Desks

Sitting for extended periods of time is extremely harmful for your health. As both remote and office workers require working for hours, it becomes a major problem for their health. Fortunately, standing desks are known to negate such health risks. A standing desk, or a stand-up desk, basically allows you to work while standing up comfortably.

You can categorize stand-up desks as;

  • An accessory that you can place on your regular desk to work while standing up.
  • Entire desks with adjustable heights.
  • Static desks without adjustable heights.

Modern versions of stand-up desks are adjustable. You can alternate between sitting and standing positions by adjusting the height of the desk. These are popularly known as height-adjustable desks, or sit-stand desks.

3.      Ladder Desk

For anyone short on space, one of the best solutions is to invest in a Ladder desk. These desks are just like bookshelves, but with larger shelves where you can operate your laptop. The upper shelves can be used for books, files or decorative displays. Using these desks, you can create a work area in any room.

Such multi-functional desks are built on minimalist design. They are sleek, clean, and elegant yet compact and stable. These desks came in a range of styles, from industrial to rustic, modern or elegant. A perfect amalgamation of style and practicality. And of course, there’s something for every budget.

4.      Armoire Desk

Here comes a furniture item that not only serves as a desk but also as a storage house for everything. Armoire desks do not cramp the style of other living spaces in case you do not have a home office setup. These provide tables like desks, drawers, shelves, and large space for your heavy devices. Its most unique feature is that it is inside a cabinet that you can close after use.

Modern armoires have a wide variety of designs, plans, hues, styles, and sizes. Their best pieces contain hand carvings, multiple drawers, racks, and hanging spaces. Some armoires are greatly improved with elegant facades painted with expanding themes or adorned with premium burl woods.

5.      Executive Desks

The executive desks are considered the king of the office setup. These desks often have a massive footprint with loads of drawer storage and surface area. Their grandeur and timeless appeal stand them apart from other styles. The executive desk come in a wide variety of styles and shapes including:

  • L-shape desk
  • U-shape desk
  • Open plan desks (Rectangular desk and Massive desks)

The L-shaped desk can be placed in corners and large areas. It offers a large surface area for the placement of various office tools and multiple tasks. The U-shaped desk is built such that a couple of desks are connected to form a wrap-around structure. Open plan desk is composed of one desk without any divider.

Our Verdict

And here we are, the different types of desks have been explained. Some are specific, while others are multipurpose desks. You can find a desk that perfectly fits your purposes. Before selecting the right desk, keep in mind that it is all about how you want to feel at the end of your workday.