Why do you re-watch your own Instagram stories?

Every time you open an Instagram, we dare that you always first tap to your stories to check the new ones from your followers and real instagram views – right? You will most probably go through a very few stories; however, there are more chances that the stories you view the most are not from someone you follow but your own.

For both, worse or better, stories have changed how people use the platform nowadays. This particular feature was actually a blatant rip-off of the Snapchat stories that gave the users an unfussy alternative.

However, you can now share the chiller and cool stuff on Instagram stories even if you do not want to stay active all the time. And, you must be familiar that stories do disappear after 24 hours of duration.

While stories might have changed the way we share stuff on our Instagram profiles; however, it has not changed one of the significant factors that keep us using the platform – the confidence that comes up while looking for suitable for others.

However, a tendency for re-watching does not have to be related to your particular appearance. Joey, a 28-year-old furniture maker from Boston, Massachusetts, says he’ll most likely re-watch Stories where he’s shared his own activities, such as a meal he’s prepared, a stroll he’s done, or a view he’s observed. Images of himself are not a consideration. In fact, he claims he has never shared a photo of himself.

A quick performance theory & analysis!

Dr Kent Bausman offers a different idea about why we’re so hooked, and it has to do with performance and reflection. “Dramaturgy” refers to the concept of seeing human behaviour through the eyes of players on a stage.

When we’re out in the world and interact with people, we’re essentially acting out a particular self to everyone. This is our “front stage performance.” When we arrive home and are alone, though, it is our “backstage.”

According to Dr Bausman, the development of social media has made the gap between our onstage and backstage performances less. We can display a more realistic image of ourselves on Instagram stories.

But it’s also about reflection. “It’s a mean to reflect over again on the presentation of ourselves to the virtual world,” Dr Bausman added.

Are watching my own Instagram stories terrible?

Instagram stories

All of this isn’t to say that your preference for viewing your own Stories corresponds to either of these interpretations. People revisit their own Stories all the time for technical reasons – Joey, for example, Instagram likes to re-watch Stories where he’s timed music to video to ensure that the sequencing is correct. Moreover, you may then view your stories repeatedly to see the results, such as how many people watch your stories and react to them.

However, it does not hurt to look deeper into this – mainly if you see yourself watching your own Instagram stories for an amount that might feel like a lot. Fortunately, you may also take the measures and analytics to curb the habit if it is no longer working for you.

Self-compassion, according to Dr Forti, is the key. “Rather of seeing Instagram stories over and again to maintain a positive self-image, consider expressing compassion toward yourself and all of your perceived flaws or shortcomings,” she said. She suggests self-compassion techniques such as meditation or writing as little steps toward developing a softer attitude toward oneself without resorting to an artificial self-esteem boost.