7 Tips for Getting 10K Instagram Followers.

Instagram is a youth-led platform and has the highest number of users in the world. In such times, increasing your following is a simple yet difficult task. buy Instagram followers to have a strong follower base, it’s very important as it will help you increase engagement on Instagram. Also, using natural ways for increasing followers will lead to organic growth, making your account more famous as well as successful.

If you wish to grow your account organically and get 10K followers on Instagram, then here is the list of 7 Tips for Getting 10K Instagram Followers.

Socialize on Instagram

The most important thing is to look at Instagram as a socializing platform. It has a great scope for promotion and marketing, but always remember it was designed for socializing. So, make sure you engage with people and have interaction with your followers. Like posts from other accounts. Sometimes commenting on a post redirects a lot of users to your page. Also, see to it that you reply to a few comments on your own posts. This will make people want to visit your page often and will increase your following on Instagram.

Promote Instagram Account

This is one of the best ways to achieve 10K followers on Instagram. Boost your account activity and promote it on different platforms. Practice cross-platform promotion, by including an Instagram account link on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn handles. Also, try to bring your account to the top Google search recommendations. This will help you increase your following faster. This is a great way to redirect traffic and experience organic growth.

Use Hashtags and Tags

Using relevant and well-known hashtags will make your post reach a wider audience. Do not overuse hashtags. Having 7-8 hashtags per post is the perfect thing to do.  Using hashtags will redirect followers to your page. Also, you can tag other accounts to your post. This way you will get featured in that account’s tagged posts section. This is a great way to attract users to increase engagement on Instagram accounts.

Use Instagram Geotags

Very few people know about the advantages of using Instagram geotags. Here you can mention the location you shot the photo at. Use these geotags in your posts and specify a location. The people who search for that location will be redirected to your post. Hence your chances of receiving Instagram followers will increase.

Stay Active

Staying active and catching people’s attention is the key to becoming a successful account. Post interesting content regularly. Use all Instagram stories, posts, reels, IGTV, and other interactive tools to boost your performance. People are more likely to follow you if they see an active account with high audience participation. Hence, this will not only increase the number of followers but also will increase engagement on your Instagram account.

Post unique Content

Establishing an individual identity for your page is crucial. People will only remember your page if they find a key feature or a repeating pattern. Make your posts creative and unique. Try to keep the content original. Experimenting with the content is the best thing to do. Use memes, quotes, unique captions, informative posts to your best advantage. If your content stands out from your competitors, then your chances of getting 10K followers on Instagram are higher.

Conduct Interesting Contests and Events

The fastest way of increasing your following is by conducting contests, giveaways, as well as online events. If you manage to make people participate and match their interests, then the audience will follow your page. Make people excited about your contests and offer them great deals.  Use the three giveaway rules- like the post, tag three friends, and follow the account. This way followers increase and more traffic is directed towards your account.


This was the list of 7 Tips for Getting 10K Instagram Followers. These tips will help you increase traffic on your page, which will lead to an increase in followers. These are seven effective methods that will help you achieve 10K followers and will increase engagement on your Instagram account. We hope you liked this article. Save it for future reference. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, do not forget to visit our space for similar articles and recommendation lists on different interesting topics.