3 Extra Services to Look for in a Body Shop.

When choosing an auto body shop, what do you look for? Do you only compare the costs of repairs and vehicle maintenance? Do you look at qualifications? There are many things to consider, but it’s also essential to look beyond the basic repair services to ensure you have an exceptional experience at any body shop you go to. Here are three extra perks and services you should be looking for.

Walk-In Appointments

While body shops can get busy, they should have a general policy of allowing walk-in appointments. Sometimes, car issues arise unexpectedly, and you can’t always call ahead and schedule an appointment—much less wait several days before the mechanic has time to even look at your vehicle. By allowing walk-in appointments, body shops help customers to get the services they need as soon as possible or to at least have the damage assessed in a timely manner.

For example, if a repair requires a part that the shop doesn’t have, why should you have to wait three days just to bring your car in and be told that they have to order the part? With a walk-in appointment, they can quickly see they need a part, get it ordered, and get you scheduled for the repair as soon as the part is delivered.

Transportation from the Shop

Working out transportation after you drop off your car at the shop can be a nightmare; it’s akin to trying to find a ride home from the airport. One convenient service that many auto body shops offer is a rideshare service to take you home. The shop will typically cover the fee as part of their all-around service, and it’s an incredible convenience upgrade for customers who can’t wait around for their car to be repaired. While not offered by all mechanics, it’s certainly a perk to look out for.

Warranty on Repairs

Finally, there is one non-negotiable thing you should look for in an auto shop—a warranty on the work that they do. If a mechanic replaces a part in your car and breaks down a few weeks later, you shouldn’t have to pay for them to redo what was obviously a slipshod job. Any auto shop worth its mettle will back up its work and cover it with a shop warranty. So, when you’re looking at auto body shops in Houston, be sure to look for these three additional perks and services to ensure that you have an excellent experience when getting your car repaired or serviced.