How To Hack Pokemon Go Using The FakeLoc App

If you’re not a fan of playing Pokemon Go, this article is probably not for you. This article is one of many popping up on the internet about how to hack the Pokemon Go game illegally, and apparently, it’s becoming quite the trend. Read on to see how you can use FakeLoc to “cheat” your way through the game.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a new mobile game that has taken the world by storm. It’s essentially a location-based augmented reality game where you explore the real world to find and catch virtual characters called Pokemon. The FakeLoc app is free to download on both Android and iOS devices, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money.

There are many ways to cheat in Pokemon Go, but one of the most popular methods is using the FakeLoc app. This app creates fake locations to help players cheat their way to success. The app works by detecting when you’re near a real location and then tricking the game like Pokemon go accounts for sale into thinking that the location is fake. This allows players to catch rare Pokemon and earn rewards that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get.

While this method is cheating, it’s not as bad as other forms of cheating. For example, some players use apps that allow them to hack other players’ accounts or games in general. These apps are illegal and can lead to account suspensions or even criminal charges.

How to use the FakeLoc app to make a fake GPS location in Pokemon Go

If you’re looking to cheat in Pokemon Go by making a fake GPS location, then the FakeLoc app is perfect. This app allows you to create a fake location that will fool the game into thinking you’re located somewhere else. The app is free to download and easy to use, so check it out if you’re looking to get ahead in the game.

FakeLoc App

When should you use the FakeLoc app to hack Pokemon Go?

If you really want to cheat in Pokemon Go, there’s always the option of using the FakeLoc app. However, this method is not as reliable as it used to be, so you should only use it if you’re desperate.

How does it work?

FakeLoc is a new app that allows users to hack Pokemon Go by spoofing their location. The app is free to download and easy to use. Open the app and input your current location. You will then be able to see all the Pokemon in your surrounding area and the eggs they are guarding.


Pokemon Go has been a huge success since its release, and with good reason. The game is addicting, and the possibilities for gaming are endless. However, like any other game, there are ways to get an edge on your competition. One way to do this is by using the FakeLoc app. This app allows you to spoof your location to catch Pokemon at locations that you would ordinarily be unable to reach. If you’re really looking for an edge in your Pokemon Go gameplay, then be sure to check out the FakeLoc app!