How to Plan a School Supply Drive for Children in Need

The school season can be rough on your wallet. Supplies are expensive, and it can be challenging to get everything you need. However, when you have the opportunity to get things at low prices, you avoid these issues.

The best thing you can do is purchase wholesale school supplies because you get far more, and the prices are much lower, meaning that if you’re struggling, you can get what you need. A great idea to help families like this would be to organize a school supply drive and help students that may not be able to afford supplies.

Bags in Bulk is a website that makes this possible as you can find everything you need for the school year and get the items in more substantial amounts. Continue reading the article below to learn more about organizing a supply drive.

Determine Your Goal

The first step to planning a school supply drive for those in need is determining your goal. It would help focus on what supplies you want to get and how many people you’d ultimately like to help. For example, if you’re going to help your local elementary school, you’ll need to have a wide variety of school supplies, and you’ll be helping approximately five hundred students. Knowing that information will help you go forward more effectively.

Gathering The Help You Need

Buying wholesale school supplies is brilliant, but you’ll still need help. Your next step will be to tell people what you’re doing and why. Let people know that you’re doing something important for the community and its children. You’ll find that people want to support you and help you. The school administration’s offices are more than willing to help you here. Once you’ve gathered the support you need, you can begin buying the supplies and determining how to get them to the families and children who need them.

Why Buying Wholesale School Supplies Is Better

When you’re ready to buy what you need for a charity drive, you’ll be grateful for the chance to purchase wholesale school supplies. With this option, you’ll have everything from backpacks to lunchboxes at your disposal. The selection is extensive, and you can find pens, crayons, highlighters, and more. While in most cases buying such large quantities of items can seem wasteful, in this case, you’re doing it to help people.

You’re saving time and money and helping those who can’t afford to obtain the supplies you need. Another incredible thing about this option is that you get a better value for your money. That means that you can receive more of what you need. For example, if you went to a superstore and bought notebooks, you could be paying as much as one hundred and fifty dollars for a batch of one hundred. With a wholesale site, you pay a fraction of that.

The Supplies You Should Consider

While you consider what wholesale school supplies you’re buying, you should look at the basics first. For instance, folders are needed for students with different subjects—math for one, English for another, etc. Color coding helps people stay organized, and it’s a helpful technique. Another area to consider is pens and notebooks. Notebooks are always needed because they’re meant for organization, notes, and keeping yourself on track.

The same is valid for pens. Students need to learn to write, and pens are the preferred method. Buying wholesale school supplies is quickly done here as you can get kits that have black pens, blue pens, and red. Whatever writing you need to do, you have the tools to do it. The best part? The ballpoint pens have rubber grips so that you can be more productive and avoid cramping.

Backpacks are another item that families find difficulty obtaining. At superstores, you can see that the cheapest backpack could cost you fifteen dollars or more. However, buying wholesale school supplies in bulk means you could get them for five dollars or cheaper. Imagine how many families you’d be able to help with prices that low.

The items listed are only a few examples of the supplies you can choose from; there are many more. Even in elementary school, you need an entire list of stores. As you get older, that list gets longer and longer. Thankfully, you can find everything you need when you go to the right place.

Make It An Event For People

Suppose you choose to hold your drive in a feasible location. Keep in mind that people are still worried about the pandemic, but they still need help, and as a result, they will travel to you to get them. You can choose to make this a week-long event or just a day. Either option will still get your message out there, but a week-long school supply drive is more flexible and can help you have contactless donations. That will ease people’s minds about having to be around people.

Deliver The Rest Of The Supplies

You can still deliver the rest of the supplies to the school or organization you have chosen to work with for those who couldn’t make it to your event. The school administrators are helpful in these situations to ensure that each family gets the supplies they need. If you want to choose the easiest route, you can buy wholesale school supplies and have them directly shipped to the school. Either way, if you decide to do a school supply drive, you’ll raise awareness for a cause that needs to be addressed.

Making A Difference

As times continue to get more challenging, you’ll find that more and more families have to do without and can’t provide the school supplies required. Without the help of people who care, students can fall behind, which is unfortunate and unfair. With help, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Holding a school supply drive and buying wholesale school supplies will ensure that you can help multiple families and give children a better educational future.

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