Add a Tropical Vibe to Your Living Room With Three Simple Decor Tips

Optimizing Home Decoration

A lot more people are “trapped” at home these days owing to decentralized operational infrastructure predominating in the wake of the 2020 health crisis. Tropical interior Decor is more popular than ever. You can find your home away from home without ever actually going away from your home.

Now maybe you just make one level of the home or one room conform to a tropical design motif. Maybe you go through the whole house with a fine-toothed comb and change everything you can to make things feel like some equatorial paradise.

Whatever the case, the following three tips will definitely help you add a tropical vibe to your living room, or whichever room in the home you decide to reimagine.

Add a Tropical Vibe to Your Living Room With Three Simple Decor Tips 1

1. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers: The Hawaiian Angle

Flowers are some of the best tropical-style décor you can get for your home. Just think of Hawaii. What comes to mind? You see women in hula skirts placing flower wreathes knit together like a necklace around the necks of vacationing tourists as they exit the plane.

Okay, maybe that’s not the first thing you picture, but floral garments and accouterments are definitely something people associate with Hawaii, and therefore the tropics. So a few tropical flowers in your living room can definitely invite the feeling of exoticness.

2. Pineapples: There’s Little That Feels More Tropical

Pineapples have a tangy, delicious flavor that can’t be beaten when fresh. Pineapples are also native to Hawaii, and people automatically associate them with the tropics, so pineapple-themed décor is a big win if you’re going for a tropical living room. Follow this link for 11 ideas that can help you make any space feel tropical; pineapples are just one of them.

3. Use Tropical Colors to Inform Interior Decor

Here’s a list of 6 colors that have a distinct tropical “vibe” just through dint of their very appearance. They include turquoise, tangerine, canary yellow, aqua, fuchsia, and coral. Simply repainting your living room can make it feel tropical, if you use color schemes like these.

Now that said, you don’t necessarily have to totally repaint the premises to get the same effect. You might just buy furniture, pictures, or other items which feature such colors heavily. It’s up to you whether you want to maximize how tropical a room feels, or just suggest a hint of exotic design through the occasional picture, color, or floral arrangement.

Add a Tropical Vibe to Your Living Room With Three Simple Decor Tips 2

A Home That Takes You to the Equator

Tropical colors like tangerine, turquoise, canary yellow, aqua, fuchsia, and coral are great options to make a living room feel exotic. Pineapples are also inherently exotic, and many tropical flowers are easier to attain now than ever; adding them to living room design will definitely communicate a tropical vibe.Some of these options will work better for you than others, mix and match to determine what really resonates with you. Hopefully, these suggestions will help get you started off on the right foot