5 Large Dog Breeds To Keep As Pets

Most people enjoy having a small breed dog, but there are others who love spending time with large breeds like the sandlot dog – an English Mastiff. This is especially true if they live in a suburban or rural area. Although the large breed dogs are not the best dogs for apartment living, they can adapt if the owner is diligent about walking them a lot and taking them to dog parks for runs. But, in general, large breeds are usually happier when they have more space and freedom. Also, they usually need special care and almost all of them like to run and play. 

Here, we will talk about 5 large dog breeds that you can happily welcome to your family.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a muscular, attentive, agile, and very intelligent dog. Adult males measure about 63 cm and females, 58 cm. The weight of the German Shepherd dog varies from 30 to 36 kilos. 

The loyalty and reliability towards humans have led to the German Shepherd becoming a sought-after family dog. In fact, it is a magnificent partner and companion that is well-suited for family life, provided it is well-behaved and employed to a sufficient degree. Well-socialized German Shepherds prove to be child-friendly and work well with other domestic animals. 

A prerequisite for having this dog as a pet, however, is that this active dog gets enough physical and mental challenges. Dogs that do not get enough to do, and where the physical needs, as well as the willingness to work, are not taken into account, often develop unwanted behavior. They become nervous, suffer from hyper-alertness, and are difficult to control. A German Shepherd that is probably challenged both mentally and physically will, on the other hand, be an enrichment for any family

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Labrador retriever

They are large dogs, with a strong constitution and good bone and muscle structure. Labrador retrievers have short, dense coats that are smooth black, yellow, or chocolate. Adult males measure approximately 56-57 cm and weigh around 30 kilos; females measure 55-56 cm and weigh 28 kilos. 

Labrador Retriever dogs are friendly, affectionate, and quite social. They are ideal for the home since they adapt very well with children and they like to feel part of the family.

Great Dane

Grand Danes are huge, powerful, and elegant dogs. The male dogs can be 81 cm and weigh between 50 and 75 kg. The females can be 76 cm tall and weigh between 50 and 75 kg. The massive head is elongated and flat at the top. The eyebrows are protruding. The ears hang forward or are curved to stand straight up. The neck is long and strong. The body of a grand Dane is long and muscular, and the front legs are straight. The tail is medium-long; it is strong at the base and tapers down to below the buttocks.

Despite their size, Great Dane dogs are seen as loving giants, moderately playful, and nice with children. However, given the size of the breed, the owner must take into account both the dog’s space and feeding needs, which can be costly.  A grand Dane usually gets along well with other animals, especially if they grew up together, but some dogs may be aggressive towards dogs they do not know.

If you want a Great Dane, you must make sure you have enough space to accommodate it. They eat a lot; so feeding a Great Dane becomes much more expensive than, for example, a tiny chihuahua. Grand Danes must be trained in obedience to ensure that they are manageable in adulthood. 

It must also be noted that the breed is not long-lived; Grand Danes live only 6-8 years or less. 

Saint Bernard

They are muscular dogs and have the ability to traverse rough terrain with calm, smooth movements. The adult male measures at least 75 cm and the female, 70 cm. The weight of the Saint Bernard dog is between 68-91 kilos.

The character of the Saint Bernard dog breed could be summed up with the following phrase: “it is a good giant”. They are trustworthy and gentle dogs. They love family life. They do not usually bark at anything, although they will defend their owners in dangerous situations. Saint Bernard dogs, like some other large dog breeds, tend to bloat and suffer from stomach problems. To avoid this, try to offer them less copious and more frequent meals.


It is a medium-sized, muscular, and robust dog. The color of its short coat can be brown and brindle. The average height of adult male Boxers is 57-63cm, and their weight is between 30-32 kg. Adult females reach 53-59 cm and have an approximate weight of between 25 and 27 kilos.

Boxer dogs tend to behave like puppies throughout their lives. If not controlled, they can prove to be exhausting pets. They are strong, brave, and quite loyal, making excellent company for the whole family.

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