Riverside Gardens, A Suspension Bridge And Waterfall Views – Meet Greenville, SC!

Greenville, SC is a friendly town with exquisite dining options, classy boutiques, and a beautiful ambiance. There are always homes for sale Greenville SC, since it has been declared as one of the best small cities to live in.

Greenville has a lot to offer to everyone. Let’s explore what this small yet extremely popular city is all about. 

A Perfect Location

Being located in upstate South Carolina means that Greenville connects with every other state. The beaches present on the East Coast are easily accessible. You can also travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains when you are living in Greenville.

Want to travel to Atlanta? It should not be an issue at all while living in Greenville. Want to watch a football match in Charlotte while living in Greenville. Just get in your car and view your dream match!

A Lovely Weather

Greenville has very lovely weather throughout the year. The summers may average 90 degrees at their peak. However, for the rest of the year, a pleasant breeze keeps on blowing throughout the day. You can enjoy all the outdoor activities during the spring and the fall seasons. A light snowfall covers the mountains during the winters a few times, giving a breathtaking view.

A Growing Economy

Greenville has a low tax rate. One of the reasons why rapid growth in ts medium-sized economy is being noticed regularly. Many Fortune500 companies like GE, Lockhead, and 3M are situated in the city. They have given a lot of job opportunities to the locals. One of the reasons why a lot of young adults prefer moving to Greenville and starting working over here. Forbes Magazine calls Greenville the 13th Best City for Young Adults.

Has Great Healthcare System

A booming economy means a growing infrastructure of the city. This has resulted in the city having some of the best hospitals and health care centers around.

Best Universities

Greenville is home to some of the great universities including Bob Jones and Furman University. These universities attract students from around the globe making Greenville a diverse city.

A Fun Downtown

Since most of the Greenville population comprises young adults, it offers some of the best nightlife in the downtown area as well. You can walk the pedestrian-friendly area all through the night and shop from the various boutiques any time you want. With almost 100 restaurants, the eating-out options are unlimited.