The Top Factors That Contribute to Car Accident

Getting involved in an accident is something that nobody wants to be part of. That’s because it leads to devastating consequences. Depending on the magnitude of the accident, the results include temporary or permanent injuries and loss of earnings. And can you avoid them? Well, with the right info on the main causes of car accidents, you can avoid some. If you are unfortunately unable to avoid being in a car crash and are injured you can seek help from a car injury lawyer.  And in this text, we will look at some of them. Let’s start:

1.     Drunk Driving

Drinking impairs your judgment when driving, not to mention your ability to function and focus. Therefore, it’s dangerous to operate your vehicle while you’re drunk. Among the daily causes of accidents are drinking and driving. And this is something every driver can avoid. Therefore, if you’re planning to get drunk, always use a cab or a designated driver.

2.     Speeding

You must have spotted a few on the road. They’re enjoying the thrill of high-speed driving while not considering its repercussions. Some would even exceed the speed limit by 10 to 30 mph. If you didn’t know, high speed causes the most fatal accidents.

And when you drive over the speed limit, you’re not just endangering your life but that of other road users. The higher the driving speed, the lower your reaction time during an auto accident. But with lower driving speed, you can escape an auto accident with ease.

3.     Rain

When the weather gets bad, the roads become bad. As such, car accidents become too common. For instance, rain makes the roads slippery. As a result, car tires lose traction making it hard to stop or avoid an auto collision. Some vehicles even lose control because of slick roads and begin to spin. Therefore, it’s important to drive carefully and maintain a low speed during the rainy season.

4.     Distracted Driving

Did you know that the top cause of accidents on the road is not a drunk driver or criminal chase? Well, distracted driving is a top cause when it comes to car accidents across the US. But who’s a distracted driver? Well, this is a motorist whose attention is not on the road. Oftentimes, they are eating food, talking on the phone, or sending a text message. If you fit that description, it’s about time you cease the habit.

5.     Ignoring Stop Signs

Road signs are there for a reason. And among them is the stop sign. When you see a stop sign, never ignore it. Many fatal accidents occur because of ignoring this sign. Annually, many vehicles get into the accident by rolling over or knocking over something because they didn’t observe this sign. To reach your destination in great shape, stop when you see this sign, and thereafter examine both sides. If you see the road is clear, you can proceed.

6.     Reckless Driving

When you drive carelessly, then the chances of ending up in an avoidable auto accident are higher. And that’s an experience that reckless auto drivers face daily. It’s either they damage someone else car, drive into a ditch, or get knocked off the road. Reckless driving involves ignoring the traffic rules and common sense when you’re on the road. Oftentimes, they’re impatient and drive recklessly. Since they’re known to be aggressive, you should avoid getting close to them.

7.     Driving at Night

Many drivers love to praise night driving because of clear roads and the opportunity to over speed. However, night driving is the most hazardous. It doubles the risk of you getting involved in an accident. That’s because darkness makes it hard to see an oncoming car. It’s even hard to judge the distance of an oncoming vehicle when you’re overtaking. And in some areas, wildlife may be crossing without you noticing.

8.     Ignoring Red Lights

Every driver knows that red means they should stop. However, not all of them abide by it. As a result, they end up causing accidents. The result of such ignorance is a head-on collision or hitting pedestrians on the crosswalk. Thus, it’s important to observe traffic lights when you’re on the road.

And for extra protection, check both sides if there’re incoming vehicles. Remember, there’re reckless drivers on the road. And as much as you’re observing the traffic light, they may be ignoring it.  If a person runs a red light and collides with your motor vehicle causing you to suffer injury you can contact a personal injury lawyer Perth for injury claims assistance to ensure you are appropriately compensated for the losses you suffer.

9.     Teenage Drivers

Oftentimes, the young waste their youth. But with careful driving, the young drivers have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, the least people to expect to be careful is the teenagers. They’re often guided by the thrill of going fast forgetting they can hurt themselves and others. Due to lack of experience and ignorance, they would end up causing both minor and fatal accidents.

10.  Design Defect

Nothing is perfect, especially if it’s man-made. And with cars, it’s no different. Automobiles have almost or over a thousand parts. And any of these parts can malfunction anytime causing an accident. Regardless of the car model or design, defects are a common thing among them.

From Toyota to the likes of Ford, a part may fall off or you may experience unintended acceleration. To avoid such accidents, it’s important to remain alert while driving. You will be able to respond promptly in case of any failure.

11.  Wrong-way Driving

It’s common to blunder due to poor judgment. But some blunders can lead to devastating damages. For instance, you may change lanes and drive opposite oncoming traffic heading one way. The same thing can occur in one-way streets.

You may take a turn and get into a one-way street in the opposite direction. Depending on your speed and that of other drivers, you may end up colliding. Therefore, it’s important to observe the streets and learn which way the traffic is heading.

Final Take

With the help of this info, you should escape some of these accidents. But most importantly, you should stick to the traffic rules and regulations. They should help you be on the safe side all the time. While some accidents are unavoidable, it pays not to be the cause of them. Whether it’s insurance claims or settlements, you don’t want to be the cause.