Simple Hacks to Boost your Facebook Likes

Have you found that no matter what you share, you can’t even get 1000 likes on Facebook? Here in this article, we will discuss some simple hacks that will help you get 1000 Facebook likes. It is now more difficult to get free traffic from Facebook than it was ever before. The Facebook algorithm is now more inclined to promote content through Facebook ads, or boost your Fb posts. Facebook is a business at the end of the day they would want the marketers to spend money on advertising and that makes sense. Let’s dig into some strategies that help me grow my Facebook page organically with minimum effort;

Post at Random Times

I know you’re going to come at me and tell me that wasn’t you previously told us to post at exactly the optimum time? Well, I am saying all this based on the analytics. The Facebook algorithms are always changing from time to time. This is basically because every competitor is also trying to post at the same peak times, making it hard for the audience to grasp the content.  That’s what I have observed posting at random times has done a great favor for my page and this technique will certainly work perfectly for you as well and will help increase your engagement and get instant 1000 likes on Facebook.

Add Variation in Type of Media you Post:

The next tip is to vary the type of media you will post to interact with your audience. Do you have to understand what type of posts work best for your followers? What kind are the ones that they would most likely interact with? This is where you would need to have a proper audit of your Facebook analytics and keep an eye on the posts that work best. In other words, you should make more similar content types that are more popular and more engaging. But here’s the interesting part aside from knowing and doing similar media types that work best.  Make sure to still vary them from time to time.

Define your Target Audience:

The next tip is to define your target audience. The truth is if you want to be more effective and get solid 1000 Facebook likes, you have to define your target audience. Simply try to focus on a specific target audience for a series of posts. When we talk about a specific target audience, it means targeting the pain points that motivate them to like and share your Facebook post.

Create Engaging Content:

Now the next tip is to create engaging content. We all know that content is king, but did you know that engagement is key to success? Let’s put it this way let’s say someone liked or followed your Facebook page and when you posted content, of course, the Facebook algorithm will show it to him/her. However unfortunately when he/she didn’t give you likes or any reaction to your posts for three to four times, it will give a signal to the Facebook algorithm that your follower is no longer interested in your content or with your page itself. Thus it will result in having a very thin chance of your content appearing on his/her news feed organically. Therefore try your best to come up with engaging content not necessarily all the time but make sure that you create ones that will make people or your target audience engage with your posts.


Although, there are so many ways to attract more people to your Facebook page and engage them with your business. But it all requires focus and hard work. However, still, if you want quick results, you can also opt to buy real Facebook likes from an authentic digital marketing agency.