Half of Asia’s affluent investors have cryptos in their portfolio

The world is diving into a new mainstream to experience the oceanic diversity of the digital universe.  Asians are also craving to taste the crispiness of the cookie. Well, if it’s a cookie or a pie, the bite would define itself. Chaing cookie some returns but eventually being a pie owner is a big wig.  Perhaps, we are aware of the fact that riding in this arena can yield potential income. ​While trading and investing in cryptocurrency is trending nowadays, everyone is also interested to know what the future hold for bitcoin investors.

Since investment in this field has proven to be worthwhile, investors are at ease. Although it is facing turmoil, its recovery has tied knots of hope among potential investors. Healing from the crash would be a long-term process for some cryptos like Bitcoin. But there are several tokens hitting the new state of recovery.

Alongside this, countless new tokens have set their foot on the market front. This definitely gives a charge to the choice an investor has. And yes, the Asian power of hitting the barometer of investment is ranking high. Especially, when people are friendly enthusiasts when it comes to crypto. This is indeed a green flag for new opportunities to arise and shine.

The investors in Asia were initially apathetic in the case of crypto. But as we say great things take time, so as the wheel of time passed by [eople started releasing. And today, 52% of Asian investors are holders of some of the other forms of crypto assets. Research until 2022 says this.

Accenture has done a deep analysis of the Asian investors. This comprises their holdings of digital assets including cryptos, stable coins, and crypto funds. The volume reveals the survey of affluent investors’ portfolios. The publishing says that their holding from the industry makes the fifth-largest asset class in Asia.

The ardent interest by the Asian popple is seen in this industry for the very first time. Their allocation with foreign exchanges, currencies, commodities, and collectibles was less. According to Accenture’s reports, the survey conducted involved many Asian countries. This includes more than 3,200 customers. They are from countries like China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Now This platform has a unique definition for affluent investors. According to this, it means a person that has the capacity of managing investable assets. The value of these assets lies between the US $ 100,000 to $1 million.

The portfolios of investors in Thailand and Indonesia are quite potential and strong. These investors fall into the category of the largest percentage of crypto holders. This amount is huge in comparison to other countries.

As we are aware that more than half of the investors in Asia are holding digital assets until  Q1 2022. And the platform of Accenture has much to reveal now. It says that the number of Asian investors are expected to rise further by 21% by 2022. This basically indicates that 73% of the wealthy investors will be the owner of digital assets by the end of 2022.

The percentage increase in these affluent investors will give a further upsurge. Yes, we can say that this sphere will flourish beyond boundaries. And of course, it will not be limited to a certain space. It will give a significant rise to the employment sector and the income sector. Better days are yet to come, this saying will never vanish.

The recent decline might make you awful to invest in this sector. But uncertainty and volatility are the foundations of this industry. They make you the owner of the big cheese or may lead a market turmoil.

Condition of Wealth Management firms

The wealth management firms are showing less interest in this sphere. These include the people helping with financial and estate planning, tax, and aid investment advice. All the people belonging to this sector seem to be slow on boarding the crypto flight. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that many people are now aware of. If you’re interested in learning more about it, then Bit index AI has got your back!

Sixty-seven percent of the people from Wealth management firms have issued a crystal clear statement. Thye reveals that as of now they as no plans in looking forward to collab with the crypto industry. This means that they may not offer any digital assets products or services.

Wealth management firms believe in taking prudent actions. They follow an approach of a wait-and-see mindset set. They believe there can be complexity in operating a digital asset. This is the key reason why they are holding back and prioritizing initiatives instead. 

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