Know Before You Go–Trade Show Edition.

Have you ever gone one a trip or attended an event and wished that you were better prepared? This happens to the best of us and will likely happen a couple of times to you. That’s alright! You often have to make mistakes so that you can produce a better outcome for the next time. Expo marketing modular displays are available to you so that you can be successful in all of your trade show events.

Helpful things to know in advance

It’s essential to have your staff feeling confident and prepared. Nerves are completely normal but you want to make sure everyone who is involved will be able to do their very best. It’s important to begin training early so that over time the information will be able to sink in. The people who will be running the booth will need to practice on their own by themselves and with colleagues, or whoever else will be involved.

Product demos

Test out your product demos several times in advance because there may be variability with your presentation. It’s important to the success of your trade show display.

Mental and physical preparation

Something that is often overlooked is preparing yourself physically for your trade show booth. You might wonder why this is an essential part of the preparation process. This step is mostly for the introverts that will be participating! There will be a lot of talking involved and that could be physically draining. Get lots of sleep the night before and drink plenty of water in advance and during the day(s) of the trade show booth presentation.

Best ways to prepare

If you want to have a successful trade show display, it is highly recommended to have a plan and do as much of it as you can in advance. You might be able to pull it off at the last minute, but there’s a chance that it won’t be as successful without having thoughtful preparation. You can have the whole team work together to take on separate tasks so the planning and work doesn’t fall all onto one person.

Be creative with your marketing strategy

Use marketing strategy to your advantage. Whether it be signs, billboards, social media or all of the above, it’s essential that some form of marketing is being done. This preparation will vary depending on if you are hosting a trade show or what your goal of your display is. If you are going the social media route, plan on doing several different posts to be able to reach your target audience. You can be methodical with when and how often you post advertisements based on peak media usage times.

Non-paper handouts

Collaborate with your team and decide on what type of freebies you’d like to give away at your trade show booth. Paper handouts are good, but there’s a likely chance that it’ll be thrown away soon after the event. You’ll want to think of something creative and that will have a memorable impact on the audience and potentially give you more clients!