Encouraging Kids to Build an Artistic Fort with the Help of a Fort Building Kit.

When the school year is almost over, it’s hard for teachers to develop exciting activities for kids. It gets harder when you have special needs kids in your class, and every activity needs to be super simple so as not to exhaust them. The same applies if you are a homeschooling parent of such kids. What really comes in handy at these times is a good fort-building kit from which you can easily make different types of forts that will keep their interest and require minimum preparation time on your part. Here are some of the best ways in which you can encourage your kids to build an artistic fort with the help of a fort building kit. This kit is absolutely available on GIGI Bloks!

Add a Little Drama to the Activity

If your kids are ready to build a fort in their room, that’s a fantastic idea, but you can turn it into a dramatic play activity if you add a few props and invite your kids to act out a story. If your child likes animals, they could build a fort, have a field trip inside it, or have a sleepover with their stuffed animals. 

The same applies if they like superheroes, a sports team, or something else they can act out. Adding a simple dramatic play element to the fort-building activity can turn it into a much more engaging and encouraging activity that kids will love to do.

Know what your child likes and why

Kids love to copy what they see, so if they have a favorite show or character, they will likely want to build a fort like the one they admire. This is a great way to get them started, but before you let them go with it, ask them why they like that character or design. 

It’s likely that your child has noticed some particular detail from their favorite fort and wants to imitate it in their own play. Let them know that imitation is a big part of art and that the best artists don’t just copy things but use those things as inspiration for their creations.

Get a fort-building kit with a few basic materials.

You can get a fort-building kit with a few basic materials if your kids are younger. You will find materials such as foam sheets, spools, and wooden dowels that you can easily tie or stitch together. You can also use these kits to recycle materials lying around the house, such as old blankets or fabric. 

Alternatively, you can get a kit with wooden pieces and add a few basic art supplies like buttons or beads to make the forts look more artistic. If your kids are older, you can get a kit with more advanced materials like sturdy wooden rods, metal wires, and ropes that they can use to make a variety of different forts.

Let them make the design first.

If your kids like designing their own forts and want to be creative with them, you can let them design them first and then tell them how to build them. Let them draw a design first, and once they have a general idea of how they want to build it, help them by providing them with the right materials. Once they have a basic design in place, give them materials such as wooden boards, metal wires, or sturdy fabrics and let them build their own fort.

Give them some art supplies and invite their friends over

If your kid loves to draw, get a few art supplies and invite their friends over. Ask your child to send an invitetion their friends to make forts, and while they are at it, let their friends draw in their forts. If your artistic kid wants to decorate their forts, get them a few simple art supplies and let them go wild with their forts. 

Let them use stencils, markers, paints, and other supplies to bring their forts to life. Once they are done, invite their friends over and let them explore the forts and take pictures inside them. This way, you are not only encouraging kids to build an artistic fort but also helping them become more creative people.


Kids love spending time in a fort, and while they are a great way to pass the time, they also offer a great opportunity to encourage your kids to be creative. With the right materials and a little inspiration, your kids can make various forts and have hours of fun inside them. 

There is no age limit to building a fort, and while it is a wonderful activity for kids, adults can also have fun building them. All you need are a few simple supplies, and you can create a fort that will delight anyone who enters it.