How To Choose The Right Range Hood In Your Kitchen Remodel.

Kitchen remodels are not only fun but also provide an excellent opportunity to add value to your home. They provide a way to transform your space into something unique and appealing. As part of your kitchen remodeling, you may consider replacing your old range hood with a new model.

A range hood is a kitchen appliance that helps remove smoke and fumes from cooking and provides fresh air to your kitchen. It removes and filters impurities from your kitchen’s smoke, heat, microscopic food particles, moisture, and other impurities. However, choosing the right range hood can be tricky.

The type of range hood to get and the amount worth spending are some questions homeowners ask themselves before starting a kitchen remodeling project. Choosing the right range hood, like the CopperSmith range hoods, significantly improves the look and function of your kitchen. Here are some things to consider when selecting the right range hood for your kitchen.

1. Type of Range Hood

Choosing a range hood can be overwhelming initially, especially since several types exist. You can choose a wall-mounted hood, undercabinet, or island CopperSmith range hood.

Wall-mounted range hood

They look like a fireplace chimney but are metallic and have a wide base corresponding to the width of your stove and taper at the top to become narrow. This look suits most kitchen styles and provides an outstanding aesthetic balance.

Island range hoods

They are ideal for kitchens whose the stove is in the middle of the kitchen. For this purpose, you need a range hood that can handle the airflow demands in such a kitchen. 

These CopperSmith range hoods are designed to cover a wider and more direct cooking surface without the help of walls to funnel moisture and heat. Instead, this hood is ducted directly to the ceiling to exhaust contaminated air from your kitchen. However, its shape is similar to the wall-mounted range hood but with a 360-degree view to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics.

Undercabinet range hoods

These hoods are mounted beneath kitchen cabinets and have the same size as your stove to enhance functionality. This hood is ideal for the modern home and provides extra storage space above the cooking surface. The ducts are hidden behind cabinet doors, making this range hood ideal for small kitchens where outside venting is not an option. In addition, these hoods have air filters that help purify the air without venting it outside. However, CopperSmith range hoods have both options available. Choose the design that works best with your kitchen style and budget.

Downdraft range hoods

These CopperSmith range hoods are perfect for a minimalistic kitchen design. They retract when not in use, making them trendy. They vent out air through small pipes installed below your kitchen cabinet instead of the regular duct vents sent through the wall or ceiling. This hood is layered with fans and filters combined with modern technology to exhaust and purify the air in your kitchen. They are perfect for open and small kitchens looking to save on space. The downside to this type of hood is that heated air rises, making it quite challenging for downdraft hoods to work against these heat dynamics.

2. Hood Inserts

Hood inserts fit different hood types, allowing you to create a unique look. Choose a hood insert that matches your kitchen style, from metal to wood or brick, to allow you to create a custom range hood. Buying hood inserts separately is less expensive and makes it easy to achieve a creatively beautiful appearance in your kitchen. Also, find the hood insert that matches your budget.

3. CFM Power

The ideal CopperSmith range hood should be able to exhaust and filter the air in the kitchen every four minutes. The amount of air range hoods move is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute. Ideally, the higher the hood’s CFM, the faster the ventilation. However, this can increase the unit’s noise level.

Manufacturers help you choose the perfect range hood with your desired CFM range and reduced noise levels. Consult with an architect or range hood manufacturer to determine the CFM range you need for your kitchen. 

However, you can do the math yourself. First, you will need the kitchen’s length, height, and width measurements and multiply them to get the space’s cubic foot size. Now, divide that number by four since you are looking for a CopperSmith range hood that vents out air every four minutes. The figure you get here is the minimum CFM number for your hood to working effectively.

Also, consider the hood’s fan size. Regardless of the room’s size, your CopperSmith range hood should be able to handle your cooktop’s size. Ideally, a 12-inch stove width requires a range hood with a minimum of 100 CFM. Also, remember that gas stoves emit more heat and fumes than electric stoves, so choose a range hood with a higher CFM for your gas stove.

4. Filter Types

Charcoal filters: These filters are commonly used in recirculating CopperSmith range hoods. They are efficient at trapping carbon impurities and exhausting them from the air. However, these filters require replacement after every six months.

Aluminum mesh filters: These filters use fine aluminum grid layers and fibers to trap contaminated air. You can easily wash them by hand or in the dishwasher and reuse them as much as possible.

Residue cups: These filters ease grease and oil collection from around and above the cooktop. In addition, they are easy to maintain as they require only washing with hot water and soap.


Choosing the right range hood can be tough because there are many options, from budget-friendly to high-end CopperSmith range hoods. But once you know what features you want, you can narrow your choices. Besides the points above, choose a range hood with up to six speeds, interior lighting to avoid casting shadows on your cooktop, a design that complements your kitchen, heat sensors, electronic controls, and smart device compatibility. Choosing a CopperSmith range hood effectively gives your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.