UAE Citizenship By Investment

The United Arab Emirates introduced its UAE citizenship program in 2021. It’s a program that appeals to investors and special talents. The aim of this schedule is to contribute to the country’s economy.

As a long-term residency visa, Golden Visa UAE provides the opportunity to work, live, and study in the UAE. In addition, spouses and children of all ages can be included.

Who Can Get Golden Visa UAE?

Individuals from several different professions can apply for UAE Golden Visa. They include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Special talents
  • Successful and outstanding students as well as graduates
  • Scientists and professionals.

Types of UAE Golden Visa

There are two different time periods under the program. One of them is a ten-year and the other is a five-year schedule. The details of the eligibility process are noted below.

Eligibility Criteria For a 10-Year Visa

This one is only available for investors and talents.


Investors can invest at least AED10 million in public investment to get their UAE Golden Visa. Other methods to get this visa are also available such as forming a business or making a partnership with a company.

There are some requirements to follow while applying. For example, you must prove that you don’t get a loan to invest in the program. You need to prove that you have enough funds. In addition, you must keep your investment for at least three years. If you have business partners and each partner invests AED 10 million, they can be included.

In addition to family members, colleagues such as an executive and a director can get this visa.

Special Talents

This category includes doctors, investors, scientists, and talents in culture and art. Other specialists in the field of science can also apply. You can bring your spouse and children as well. Also, regardless of the category, you need a legitimate job contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria For a 5-Year UAE Residence Visa

Five-year UAE Golden Visa are available for outstanding students, investors, and entrepreneurs.

5-Year UAE Visa for Investors

You can make a property investment of at least AED 5 million for a five-year Golden Visa UAE. Again, you need to keep your investment for three years. Also, you cannot get a loan to make the investment.

5-Year UAE Visa for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you can be eligible for a five-year residence visa in the UAE if:

  • You have a project with a capital of  AED500,000, or
  • An accredited business incubator in the UAE has approved you.

This visa can be extended to a spouse and children as well as a partner and three executives.

This type of visa allows you a multi-entry visa for six months. You can then renew it for another six months.

5-Year UAE Visa for Students

Outstanding students can be eligible for this category if:

  • They have a minimum grade of 95 percent in secondary schools. They can be public or private
  • They are university students either in or out of UAE with a GPA of at least 3.75.

This visa can be extended to family members as well.

What Are The Benefits of Holding a UAE Citizenship by Investment?

  • Besides the right to live, work, and study in the UAE, you can hold dual citizenship, too. The new law in the UAE allows individuals to keep their original citizenship while holding one in the UAE. It’s advisable to check if your country of origin allows this, too
  • Another advantage of UAE Golden Visa is that both your spouse and children can get their UAE residence visa. Unlike other Golden Visa countries, UAE doesn’t put any age restrictions on children
  • UAE also enables you to register assets and entails no restrictions for foreigners. Furthermore, as a UAE citizen, you can establish a company or open a bank account without sticking around the bureaucracy
  • A UAE passport enables you to visit around 60 countries, including the Schengen states

How To Apply

So, you’ve had a basic idea about the UAE residence visa until now. You may now wonder how to get UAE citizenship now. But you don’t need to worry, it’s a very straightforward step.

The first step is to get an entry visa if you need a visa to be able to enter the country. When the authorities approve, you’ll get a multiple-entry visa for six months.

Then, make your investment before you submit your application, providing all the necessary documents.

You can now make your application online or physically in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. They’ll inform you about your status via email and text message. If it’s approved, you’ll get an approval email.

In short, UAE citizenship by investment benefits several individuals from different backgrounds. If interested enough, start your application process today!