It’s Time to Upgrade Your Truck

You love your truck. It’s time to take things to the next level with these ten exterior truck accessories that are functional and look great.

1. Tonneau Cover

A truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover, completely changes how you use your truck bed. With an open bed, you’ve got to consider weather and security whenever you’re hauling something in the back. A locking tonneau cover takes all that worry away. Plus, they look cool and sleek.

2. Running Boards, Steps, or Nerf Bars

Step boards are a good idea even if you don’t feel like you need help getting in and out of your truck. They add flair to your vehicle’s look and take the pressure off your knees when you get in and out daily.

3. Bed Liner

If you carry loose items in your truck bed, they will bump and bang against the bed of your truck and potentially cause damage. Even minor scratches leave your vehicle exposed to rust and corrosion. An aftermarket bed liner protects your truck bed and your cargo.

4. Toolbox

Another way to protect your truck and gear is to store everything in a full-size truck toolbox. A high-quality steel or aluminum toolbox keeps your valuable tools secure, dry and stowed conveniently. Stop looking around for stuff and invest in a work truck toolbox.

5. Vent Visors

These simple devices slide into the channels of your windows and deflect water away. With these installed, you can keep your windows cracked open, rain or shine.

6. Hood Protectors/Bug Deflectors

Dead bugs wreak havoc on your paint job and make it difficult to see out your windshield, especially on long road trips. A bug deflector sends those bugs around your vehicle, protecting your hood and visibility.

7. Front and Rear Bumper Mods

Bumper mods give your truck an instant custom look, add essential protection, give you more options for adding lighting and recovery mods and improve your ground clearance and approach/departure angles.

8. Fender Flares

If you have installed large tires, your local laws may require you to install fender flares. Otherwise, fender flares are a great aftermarket addition if you’re interested in adding style to your truck and protecting the wheel well from damage. Fender flares extend directly out from your vehicle over the wheel well.

9. Custom Grilles

Obviously, a custom grill changes the look of your truck. But a new grill can also improve performance by increasing airflow and improving engine cooling.

10. Winches

Having a winch is essential for recovery. If you’re taking your truck off-roading, a winch is a must for getting out of a sticky situation.

Upgrade your truck today with aftermarket accessories.

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