How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

Social networks are extremely popular. According to the coverage of users, Instagram takes one of the leading positions.The number of registered people has exceeded 1 billion. However, the social network has gone far from being a platform for communication only. More and more users choose the network as a platform to promote businesses, start projects, and provide all sorts of services. Here, we’re going to find out how to set up an Instagram business account and explain all the pitfalls related to this issue.

Note that one of the main features of the system is allowing the creation of multiple profiles. Thus, if you want to have a professional and private account, there is no need to connect several emails or phones.

Why should Businesses introduce their Services online?

Let’s list the benefits of promoting a business online on the social network:

  1. First of all, Instagram is an online network with a huge coverage of users all around the world. Thus, when introducing your services or goods to the Instagram community, you’ll multiply your target audience, which will definitely result inincreased sales.
  2. Access to analytics. If you tag your account as a business one, the portal provides you with access to daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. Thus, you’ll be able to monitor your consumers, their performance, and adjust your stories and posts to achieve the target audience more effectively.
  3. Integration into an online business. Many companies switch from offline to online reality since the Web provides more opportunities for development and promotion. For customers, it is easy and convenient to get acquainted with your brand via Instagram. They can look through your profile and find out what you purchase, as well as your trustworthiness, expertise, and user feedback.
  4. The possibility to schedule posts ahead of time. It is not necessary to post posts as they are. You can prepare them in advance and schedule for several days ahead. So, this way to run a business is convenient. Pay attention to Instagram when you have time, while scheduling will help make the workflow more smooth and targeted.
  5. The opportunity to add links when making stories. When posting stories, you can add links to other resources where you purchase products.
  6. It is easy to stay in contact with customers, which increases client loyalty. Prompt answers and reactions show your care and responsiveness toward consumers.
  7. Instagram advertising. The platform provides users with all the necessary tools to advertise products and target their audiences. Analytics, scheduling, polls, and all sorts of tools will help promote your business and get more followers.
  8. Tagging products in posts. When publishing posts, you can tag all the products so that customers click on the links and redirect to your online store.

A step-by-step Instruction on how to Create Professional Online Accounts

Now, let’s consider how to create an Instagram business account. Here’s a detailed guide:

  1. Open the Play Market or the App Store, depending on the OS that runs on your mobile device.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Unpack an installation file and wait until the utility is installed.
  4. Click on the “Sign up” button. Here, a form for quire registration will appear.
  5. To register on the social network, it is required to enter your email address or phone number. If you worry about your privacy and security, you can buy SMS verification number. Online phones are convenient and secure solutions to avoid specifying real personal data and keep 100% anonymity.
  6. Create a username and password.
  7. Select a suitable profile photo that will show your specialization. For example, if you’re a fitness coach, let it be a sports photo. If you sell bags, put a picture with a beautiful bag, etc.
  8. Adjust notifications in the settings of the system.
  9. Switch to a professional profile by ticking a corresponding box.
  10. Connect the account to a Facebook page to link both social networks and make your presence more noticeable.

How to switch back to a Personal Profile?

  1. Open your profile.
  2. Click on the nicknameindicated above a profile photo on the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. A list of all connected profiles will appear.
  4. Click on your personal account.

Fake Virtual Phones as an Alternative to Ensuring 100% Security

As mentioned above, registration on the social network requires specifying a phone number and further profile verification. However, not all users are eager to enter their real phones due to the fear of data leakage.

The Web is rather insecure nowadays. Hackers frequently attack websites. Thus, users are afraid of providing personal information.

Virtual phones come as an excellent solution to this issue. Online numbers work via the Web and allow keeping your real identity confidential.

How does it Work?

  1. A client registers on the website of a service provider.
  2. They buy a phone number for a certain period (a subscription is paid).
  3. The client can make calls, receive incoming calls, and get and send SMSs. Number management is carried out via an account.
  4. It is possible to adjust settings.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

This option has the following advantages:

  • 100% confidentiality of user data and complete security. Users can be sure that they won’t become victims of stalking, blackmailing, or other illegal actions when browsing the Internet, which is a common case for successful businessmen.
  • Users do not require any hardware or SIM cards. All settings are adjusted via a personal account.
  • The number is active throughout the world. If you relocate or go on vacation, the phone will be valid even without roaming.
  • Low cost. Online numbers are more cost-effective rather than roaming.

Where to Find Virtual Numbers?

Service providers sell such phones on specialized online resources. Surf the Web to find such providers and select a trusted one. Compare what conditions are offered on various portals. Upon registration, decide how many phones you need and for what period, then deposit your balance to pay.

Business accounts are extremely popular on Instagram. Switching to online Instagram reality will be the best solution for your company. If you want to stay anonymous, you can use fake online numbers for registration.

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