True Food Kitchen – Everything to know.

Welcome to True Food Kitchen! We are working as a renowned restaurant where we serve you with food to make you feel healthy.

Together, we are a group of talented chefs, forward-thinking restaurant owners, and a well-known doctor of integrative medicine. All of them are passionate about the idea that delicious food and healthy eating can go hand in hand without giving up flavour, creativity, or indulgence.

Here, we invite our guests to join us in a world where great-tasting food and carefully made drinks, shared in an atmosphere of contagious positivity, can be the basis for a well-lived life.

Who are we?

Welcome to True Food Kitchen, a health-focused, seasonal restaurant that combines nutrient-rich ingredients with a flavor-forward menu that changes often so that guests can try great-tasting ingredients at the peak of their freshness.

Our open kitchen lets guests see how we cook and shows them that there’s nothing secret about how we make our food.

We have a scratch bar service where we have a huge collection of local beers, wine or seasonal cocktails. All of them are made with the fresh-pressed fruit or the vegetable juices as well as organic spirits.

We are very proud of our menu, which has a wide range of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian, and vegan options to suit almost every taste.

Our dedication to quality and originality means that our menu is full of things to try all year long. Every meal you eat at True Food Kitchen is a chance to move closer to a healthy lifestyle.

What is on our Menu?

At True Food Kitchen, our menu is carefully made so that every bite and refreshing sip has big flavour, lots of fresh ingredients, and a taste of the unexpected.

Our skilled chefs make classic dishes that people can’t get enough of, as well as a steady rotation of seasonal dishes that use naturally ripe fruits and vegetables to make them full of flavour and full of nutrients.

Crafted by hand and based on the season, quality ingredients, and simple methods, creative drinks are perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner, and, of course, dessert.

True Food Kitchen has a lot of tasty vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat and fish dishes, as well as a lot of other options. They also make juices on demand.

True Food Kitchen tries to have food that everyone will like!

We are booming all over the world with great success

True Food Kitchen is now a booming national restaurant chain that many people say is a game-changer.

In the last few years, the company has opened stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

In Chicago, Nashville, New York City, and Sunrise, Florida, more restaurants are set to open later this year and early next year. In California, Palo Alto, Pasadena, and Walnut Creek will all get new restaurants.

Each True Food Kitchen restaurant makes between $7 million and $10 million a year. According to Anthony Viveros, the general manager of the San Diego location in Fashion Valley is one of the most profitable.

Even for a restaurant that doesn’t serve healthy food, those are good profits.

Where can you find us?

Our restaurant branches are in different corners of the world. You can find us in:

1.  Arizona

2.  California

3.  Florida

4.  Colorado

5.  New York

6.  Georgia

7.  Maryland

8.  Ohio

9.  Louisiana

10.  Texas

11.  Illinois

12.  New jersey

13.  Virginia

14.  Nevada

15.  Missouri

16.  Tennessee

What do we offer in our catering menu?

At True Food Kitchen, we think that eating well is more than just eating tasty, healthy food. It’s also about eating with good people. Whether you’re ordering for the office, throwing a regular party, or planning a special event, our catering menu lets you carefully put together the perfect meal for your group.

You can choose from a variety of healthy and tasty packages and a la carte items, such as starters, salads, sandwiches, bowls, desserts, and refreshing drinks, all of which are made with the best and freshest ingredients.

Before placing the order, make sure you inform our team if any person in your group is having any sort of food allergies or probably follows a certain diet routine. We will try our best to fully accommodate you.

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Happy eating!