Best Ways to Ship Underground Mining Equipment From China

There are various methods to ship mining equipment, but one of the most crucial steps is planning. Improper planning can damage your equipment and add extra cost. Before sending your equipment, consult a professional to ensure it will arrive in good condition. Underground mining equipment may require a certified equipment cleaner cleaning, which can add to the cost. Proper packing and loading are essential to protect your gear from damage.


Hitachi’s FuChengLHD Robotic Haulage Framework In recent years, the mining sector has needed to increase productivity. This has typically resulted in cost-saving measures such as mechanization. As a result, many market pioneers have been developing robotized haulage frameworks for this purpose. Hitachi, for example, announced such a framework in December 2017.

When shipping mining equipment, the most critical step is defining its size and weight. This information will enable a freight forwarding company to give you an accurate quote and help you choose the most appropriate shipping method. Once you know the size and weight of the equipment, you can move on to defining the other specifications.

Shipping underground mining equipment from China to the US can be expensive. Air freight can cost up to five times as much as sea freight. In addition, shipping mining equipment by sea requires careful planning. It’s accessible to damaged equipment if you take a hasty decision. You’ll also need to ensure your kit is properly packaged and shipped.

Good Quality

Underground mining involves drilling to recover materials from deep underground. The material is then excavated and hauled to the surface for processing. Often, the materials are mined with the help of explosive charges. Technology has made this process more advanced over the years, and some of the latest equipment includes remote-controlled machinery.

Affordable Price

Underground mining equipment is a complex piece of machinery that can be extremely expensive. Several minerals cannot be extracted using surface mining methods, which is why underground mining requires specialized equipment. These pieces of equipment are often challenging to find and expensive. Thankfully, shipping underground mining equipment from China is an affordable option allowing you to get quality equipment at a competitive price.

The first step is to ensure accurate dimensioning. This is critical since errors in dimensions can delay shipment and affect your bottom line. For this reason, expert guidance is essential in international shipping and project cargo logistics.

After-Sale Service

Shipping underground mining equipment from China is a great way to save money and deliver top-quality equipment on time. Because underground mining equipment is often large and awkwardly shaped, it can be a difficult logistic challenge. Because of the value of this equipment, it is crucial to ensure that it is insured before it leaves the factory. Even if the equipment is insured, the insurance coverage will be small compared to the costs associated with damage or theft.

Before shipping underground mining equipment, it is essential to check that all dimensions are accurate. Incorrect size or dimensional error can cause delays in shipping and negatively impact the project’s financial outcome. Therefore, seeking expert guidance in international shipping and project cargo logistics is vital.

Transportation Scheme

Shipping underground mining equipment from China to other countries is a great way to get the equipment you need at the most affordable price possible. The equipment is quite expensive and can be challenging to find locally. The cost savings you’ll enjoy by shipping equipment from China will be well worth it. You’ll also be able to purchase equipment of the highest quality at a

competitive price. The Chinese mining industry currently uses several autonomous transportation devices. These vehicles can be operated autonomously and are being tested in many underground mines. These vehicles can be sent to different locations and controlled remotely. These systems are designed to minimize the use of workers and can also be more efficient.

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