Samsung Sam and Sam Bixby

Samsung Sam is a virtual assistant that works through social media channels like Facebook Messenger. It auto-responds to queries and questions from consumers. This virtual assistant helps consumers to find the right products and services for their needs. It can also help people get answers to questions about their personal life.

Samantha Samsung

Samantha Samsung is the latest digital avatar to represent Samsung. Created by design studio Lightfarm in collaboration with marketing agency Cheil, Sam is a young woman with blue eyes, freckles, and piercings in her ears. The character is a cheerful, tech-savvy woman who enjoys playing music, exploring applications, and texting her friends. She’s also a fan of Samsung’s latest products.

Samsung is among the first companies to introduce a virtual assistant with a face. The new assistant is based on the same OneUI platform as Bixby, the company’s virtual assistant. The new assistant is British-sounding, unlike the American-developed Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. However, Samsung hasn’t announced whether Sam will replace Bixby as a virtual assistant.

The Samantha Samsung character was first spotted on Twitter by user @louxtenyaiida and has gone viral. The mascot has even spawned parody accounts on Twitter. The emoji-laden avatar is a fun and edgy character model.

Samsung sam virtual assistant

Samsung created the Samsung Sam virtual assistant in collaboration with Lightfarm Studios. The virtual assistant is a human-like avatar with solid temples and dark hair. He wears a 3/4-length shirt that sports the Samsung Galaxy logo. The studio used several software and hardware to develop Sam, including Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Blender 3D, and SideFX Houdini.

The Samsung Sam virtual assistant is not meant to be a replacement for Bixby but is an AI-powered chatbot that will provide answers to questions from consumers. The Samsung Sam virtual assistant is already available on international websites. If you want to learn more about this chatbot, visit its web page.

Although Sam is currently only available for Latin American consumers, it is expected to expand globally in the coming months. Samsung does not plan to replace Bixby with Sam. Still, it will be a virtual assistant that can answer questions and explain new products to consumers. It may also become the company’s version of Siri, which is already available on iPhones.

Samsung girl

Samsung’s new advertising mascot, the Samsung Girl, has immediately impacted online. She shot to fame in early 2018 when she posted sultry selfies in front of Samsung devices. Since then, her image has become viral, and she has over one million followers on Instagram. She has also been featured in various international publications. While some people see her as a marketing gimmick, others see her as a role model for women and a powerful voice for Samsung.

Samsung’s mascot, Samsung Girl, has a personality based on the ENFP personality type. She possesses a sharp tongue and large gray eyes. She does not wear makeup and is usually seen in a white collared shirt with a blue tie. However, she does occasionally wear a black blazer and a red skirt.

The Samsung Girl was created by Lightfarm Studios, a visual arts production company that partners with Samsung. She soon became a sensation, far outstripping Bixby in popularity. The new avatar quickly swept the internet, sparking speculation and fan theories.


The Samsung SAM Bixby is an intelligent assistant that You can access through voice, text, and taps. By pressing and holding the Bixby button, you can naturally talk to it, asking it questions and getting answers. The assistant is well integrated into the phone, and the dedicated Bixby button makes calling it easy.

Sam is the digital expert. She will answer questions about Samsung products, functions, and services, including social networks and online stores. The new assistant will also be crucial in Samsung’s brand awareness campaigns. Sam will first appear in the SmartThings app, where she will provide information about new products and services, such as the Freestyle bright projector and Galaxy S22 with 5G connectivity. Samsung has yet to announce whether Sam will replace Bixby.

Sam’s original post referred to an earlier 2D version of the virtual assistant and a recent breakthrough in 3D design. However, she’s not a Bixby replacement but a virtual assistant that is not meant to replace the smartphone. Samsung will likely discuss Sam in upcoming events, and we’ll update this guide as new information becomes available.

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