Treating It Right – Tips to Make Your Bong Last Longer

Have you ever wondered how long a bong lasts?

What tips are there to increase bong life? 

Bongs are super cool equipment to smoke – and let’s face it, one does not buy them to use for a week only. 

You must know the factors that affect the overall wear and tear condition of your bong and how fast they wear out – this, however, is dependent on multiple factors. 

We shall discuss these points in this blog post. Points you must consider while purchasing cool bongs; additionally, we will give you some tips on how to take care of them, making them last longer. 

Cool Bongs 

How are bongs made – and how its materials affect their longevity? 

Materials used in making bongs have a huge influence on their life. The devices are made from multiple materials, including glass, acrylic, silicone, stone, epoxy, ceramic, bamboo and wood. 

There is probably a much longer list of materials than we have covered. 

A Bond to last – Pun Intended

Similar to a bond, a bong can also be made to function for a lifetime. 

If you are looking for a hard-wearing piece, go for a borosilicate glass bong. Borosilicate is strong glass used in various applications, including laboratory equipment and oven dishes. The material is quite strong, heat and scratch resistant and less likely to get shock damage – all of these qualities make borosilicate glass the perfect material for cool bongs.  

Regarding durability, borosilicate isn’t the only durable choice; plastic, wooden, ceramic/stone bongs are wear-proof if taken care of well. 

The shortcoming to these is that they are tougher to clean and thus lack the ultimate full-scale application of glass bongs. 

Treating the Bongs Right 

The pace at which the bongs break or wear out is dependent on the type of material used. 

How you treat and use it also greatly impacts its lifespan. Many break while being cleaned, while taken outside or while you are under the effect of drugs or alcohol – making you become less cautious with the bongs. 

Stoners can also smash the bongs alongside the stone window shelf or wall – while coughing – when smoking out of the window to avert the odor inside the house. 

These few minuscule accidents can be prevented if you are only a bit more careful. 

Cool Bongs Quality

The materials of bongs and your handling aren’t the only things that affect the life of a bong. 

The more important factor is their overall quality – the way bongs are made is also a factor in their lifecycle. If you are using a mass-produced Chinese piece, it will be much different to a handmade German bong – which is made with a lot of careful attention to detail in manufacturing and finish. 

The quality of the apparatus is highly important, as mass produced bongs might come with production flaws from when they leave the manufacturing unit or any other shortcomings that can cause the bongs to wear off and even break faster.  

The anecdote? 

The above does not mean that a cheaper bong is at all times a bad investment – no, sir. 

On the contrary, many stoners purchase 30 Euros bongs or even cheaper models and then go on to utilize it for years to come. Cheaper bong models can become whimsical value adding items – if kept in a decent state/shape. 

The longevity of the apparatus highly depends on individual inclinations and necessities. 

How to Make Bongs Last

Browse through the set of few tips and tricks to help you expand the lifetime of your bong pipe:

Thorough Cleaning 

  • Cleaning bongs with suitable products helps stop grazes/scratches and ensures that dirt doesn’t adhere or accumulate to the walls. 
  • It is advised to not take the bongs outside – keep them in their fixed smoking spots 
  • Gently place your apparatus down before blowing a smoke and coughing – as often mishaps occur while you cough after an intense smoking session. 
  • If it breaks – you can also patch-up the bongs. Get hold of any special glue that can be used to mend all materials, that also includes glass. 

Final Thoughts? 

The lifespan of a bong hinges on the multiple independent and co-dependent factors. 

Including the materials, they are manufactured, how these are handled, and their general quality of make and finish. 

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