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Storage sheds offer a lot of convenience for homeowners, and you can move them to another part of your yard if the current location is no longer ideal. You can also take your shed with you when you move! We Will Transport It works with the industry’s most trusted shed movers, and we have a team of experts who make it cheap and easy to move your shed. 

What’s the cost to move a storage shed?

Local storage shed movers will charge as little as $200-$500 to relocate a storage shed to another home or elsewhere on your property. If you need to transport your shed to another state, you should budget between $500-$2,000 for professional ground transportation. You can get a rough estimate for shipping costs with our only shipping cost calculator, and you can speak to one of our transportation specialists when you’re ready to schedule professional shed moving service.

How do you move a 10×12 shed?

Moving a pre-fabricated shed a short distance on a flat lot is possible if you’re a seasoned DIY specialist with a wooden track, some pipe rollers, and plenty of friends pitching in to help. Unfortunately, it’s easy to damage your shed if you don’t know what you’re doing. Your shed needs to be structurally fit for transport, and that isn’t easy to assess if you own an older shed. Hiring professional shed movers ensures that no one will get hurt and that the job will be done right.

How can you move a small shed to another location?

If you’re relocating a small shed on the same lot using track and pipe rollers, you’ll need to use jacks to lift the shed onto the track. Be sure that your shed sits squarely on the track before you start pushing, and be careful to move the shed slowly in a lateral direction. Use momentum to keep the shed moving, but make sure that you can stop the shed’s movement when it’s in place.

How do I move a large shed to a new house?

Moving a large shed to a new location requires a flatbed truck, and the shed will need to be lifted onto the truck with a forklift or a crane. You don’t usually need to disassemble a large shed for transport, but you shouldn’t attempt to move a large shed as a DIY Project.

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