Bold City Liquidation Review: A Detailed Guide

Since liquidation stores usually have an image of selling low-quality products, it is time we changed that premonition.

Bold City liquidation is one of the most premium furniture liquidation stores in Jacksonville, making them really popular around the corner.

They have been in this industry for over 5 years and are still growing. They have a few things that separate them from the rest, which we will talk about a little later in the article. 

But for people who don’t understand the liquidation business, let us elaborate a little. Liquidation, as the name suggests is the process of liquidating assets and breaking even. 

Usually, when companies are unable to sell off the entirety of a product type, they resort to the process of liquidation. 

This is basically selling off overstocked items at the cost price or at least somewhat closer to the same. This makes sure that they are at least breakeven.

For the companies that buy these items, it is pretty easy to book profits, as these products are available to them at much lower than the market price. 

This is why liquidation stores can offer high-end products for cheap, without compromising the quality. However, even in liquidation stores, it is very rare to find good furniture.

This is why today we are going 5to talk about the largest furniture liquidation store in Jacksonville, bold city liquidation. 

What is Bold City Liquidation?

Bold City liquidation is a family-operated business that was created out of need and passion. They believe that people must be able to buy nice things, without it costing a fortune. 

This is why they deal in liquidation products that are available at a fraction of the cost and offer the same value. Since they have been in the business for a decent amount of time, they have established great contacts with big box retailers around. 

This makes them offer high-quality items to their customers, without paying the usual mark-ups. 

However, bold city liquidation also offers an impeccable online presence which makes it easier for people to scout their charges and products. 

This level of transparency isn’t usually shown in the furniture liquidation stores in Jacksonville. However, bold city liquidation offers worldwide brands and promises the best quality and the best deals for people to buy liquidation pallets in Jacksonville

They’re sure that you won’t be able to buy such quality products at the prices they offer. Since they have been around the corner for so many years a lot of the localities also vouch for their quality and if you ask around, you’ll get to see the popularity it commands. 

What can I buy from Bold City Liquidation?

Since there aren’t a ton of good furniture liquidator stores in Jacksonville, bold city does a great job of offering people high-quality products at low prices.

However, they are not the ones to toot their horn. If they say that they have the best deals in the business, they are being modest.

If you compare them to the top furniture liquidators in the country, the latter would shy away. However, speaking of the products they have on offer, there isn’t some furniture related that you won’t find here. This ranges from accent furniture to upholstered furniture. 

Also, they include product categories like bedroom furniture, lighting, and much more. They even offer patio decorations, furniture, rugs, and plenty more. 

Their prices vary from $50 to $$580, which is pretty cheap in the world of wooden furniture. If you’re looking for a nice sofa set or even a set of dining tables and chairs, come by. 

They also serve on their website by doubling as an e-commerce website, but if you want to get the full, bold city experience, we highly recommend you come down to the store. 

Their store will offer you a sight to behold because they have nailed the aesthetics. It isn’t like popular brands in the furniture business trying to artificially simulate an environment for the furniture. 

They blend in the furniture with their backgrounds so well, that you won’t be able to differentiate between a furniture retailer and bold city liquidators. Their products are definitely high quality and most people who come by are usually surprised by the “too good to be true” price tags. 

Why bold city liquidators?

If you’re still looking for a reason to try out bold city liquidators, then we highly recommend visiting their store once. This is because we’re sure once you visit the store you won’t be able to stay on the fence for much longer. 

Bold city liquidators also have plenty of positive reviews on their website as well as their Facebook page. This makes them the only furniture liquidation store in Jacksonville, with a five-star yelp review. 

If you are looking for good furniture that will stand the test of time, then bold city liquidation has something just for you. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word! 

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