A New Evolving Trend: Micro Wedding

People have started valuing things that matter to them most and more so after the onset of the pandemic. Instead of splurging on the grandeur and arrangements of a large wedding, more couples are looking forward to downsizing it. 

The names and concepts may vary slightly, but elopement, minimony, and micro wedding are terms for small and intimate events for a couple’s big day. Usually, the guest list is less than fifty and is a route that is opted for flexibility without the stress of arrangements. 

Micro Wedding

If you or someone whom you know is looking to choose a micro wedding over a traditional wedding, here are a few beneficial reasons that you should look into:

Flexibility in budget

When the guest list is trimmed, a couple can choose to spend extra on things that matter to them. They can hire a professional photographer who can understand them as individuals and try to sync in their best moments instead of just posing against backdrops. Few wedding photographers weave magic through their compositions and manage to get even the most unromantic couple to emote through expressions. 

Even a few stills by photographers who have inane skills are worth the effort of spending an extra amount. The adjustments offered by micro weddings help organize budgets and spend on the aspects that a couple considers important for them. 

Better interaction

Several memes revolve in social media about how people feel about spending to feed a few hundred guests whom they will hardly meet ever again against doing things they care about. Interacting at a personal level in a large wedding is a painstaking affair for most. Though a big fat wedding with grand festivities has its prominence, meeting everyone and making them feel welcome and included is not feasible for everyone. 

But a micro-wedding facilitates closer bonds and interaction among guests who mingle and enjoy the ceremonies and the event as a whole. It is a joyful experience for everyone who is invited and even those who probably are seeing a live stream of the wedding. 

Imagination is the limit

A micro wedding need not cater to the comfort and arrangement of unknown guests who can only participate if the venue is centrally located in a city. With help of a few guests who comprise the support system of the couple, arrangements can be tweaked to bring out the best. The couple can choose a micro destination wedding to a place where the weather and surroundings extend to the warmth of the festivities. 

Even venues that specialize in hosting weddings are coming up with petit wedding concepts that can be customized for thirty guests or less. With personalized seating arrangements and attention to detail to make every guest feel nice like welcome packages and souvenirs; the ideas are plenty and can be planned as per a theme or go with the flow.

De-stress and enjoy

When a couple is surrounded by close-knit guests who know them very well, they will feel comfortable. They can enjoy their wedding, without worrying about pleasantries and other nitty gritty things. There are no episodes of bridezilla, where the lady of the day is overtly involved and ends up becoming self-centered and an inappropriate version of herself. And to top it as the cherry on the cake is the emotional value of the interactions between the close group that will become memories for many years. 


The waste created by a single traditional wedding of over 500 guests is itself huge and considering the many happening in the world, a safer environment becomes a distant dream for future generations. A micro wedding can be planned in an eco-friendly manner. Edible cutlery instead of plastic straws and spoons can be used for a sustainable impact. The decor can be minimized, and only fresh flowers can be used instead of imitation plastic stuff. With plenty of opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint, a couple can consciously plan their micro wedding as an eco-friendly event and inspire others to follow their steps


Love will find a way and if the way involves a mindful effort to be around the people who care the most for you in a tiny but happy ceremony, to bless you and your spouse with abundance, then as a couple you should consider a micro wedding.

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