Lowbed Trailers For the Transport of Higher Loads

There are several important things to keep in mind when buying lowbed trailers. The first thing to remember is that the trailers are specialized and are custom made. This means that the design of the trailer will have to match the load. Another thing to consider is whether the trailer is designed with a concave beam frame. The landing leg should also be inspected. For more information please visit on https://chinasemitrailersupplier.com/

Low Bed Trailer

Choosing the right LowBed Trailer for your vehicle is an important decision. We’ll take a look at the MegaMAX, GigaMAX, VarioMAX, and VarioMAX Plus. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can use this information to purchase a quality trailer for your vehicle.

MegaMAX lowbed trailer

The MegaMAX lowbed trailer is a versatile semi-trailer that can handle up to 80 tons of payload. It features a removable gooseneck and lowbed and a swivel, single or double-axle dolly between the truck and gooseneck. The lowbed’s super-low loading area allows you to load items from three to eighteen feet below the ground. Additionally, the lowbed’s length is a versatile 6,850 mm. The MegaMAX cargo trailer can be extended by 5,500 mm if needed.

The MegaMAX trailer also features an optional steerable fourth pin-on flip axle. This unique feature is unique to MegaMAX trailers and is not offered by other manufacturers. This feature is a big plus for drivers and extends the trailer’s legal payload capacity and versatility. It can be easily detached and flipped without shimming. It can even be operated with a remote control.

The MegaMAX is also equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic suspension systems. This allows it to easily handle heavy loads, and its length-optimized loading platform provides optimum load distribution. Its low loading height makes it easier to load and unload loads in any environment, and it also ensures that legal limits are complied with. This low-bed trailer can handle loads of 52 to 67 tonnes.

FAYMONVILLE Megamax bed trailers are available in six and twelve-inch bed extension options. The Megamax bed trailer is also equipped with a detachable gooseneck. Another unique feature is the hydr.-forced steering system and complete boat supports. This trailer also features a steel bottom.

VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer

The VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer is a versatile lowbed trailer with a high payload capacity and telescopically extendable outer beams. Its modular design and agile handling makes it ideal for a range of industrial applications. A variety of payload types is possible with this trailer, including excavators, crushing systems, transformers, and more.

The VarioMAX Plus lowbed trailer is made by Faymonville, a specialty trailer manufacturer. It combines the VarioMAX and CombiMAX systems to transport heavy construction machines. Its 105-ton payload capacity is perfect for moving cranes, grading equipment, and transformers. It is also built with Joker axle technology, and is available with two intersections for a combination of maneuverability and versatility.

The hydraulic widening system, known as the Hydro-Shift principle, makes it easy to expand the trailer width without sacrificing stability. This feature is perfect for transporting wide construction machines. In addition, it makes it easier to obtain permits. This trailer also offers a wide-angle view of the cargo area.