How Does Social Media Affect Traffic of a Website?

Organic traffic is one of the crucial factors for a business to grow and thrive, and social media can be an excellent way to get more organic traffic. However, most businesses are not yet thinking crucially about these platforms.

Most business owners are critical of social media, and their primary concern is how social media affects traffic to a website.

Social media profiles rank in the search results of search engines. Also, in various instances, social media works as search engines. You can boost your content reach, local SEO, and Youtube SEO with the help of social media presence. As a result, the website’s traffic generates more without costing significantly less.

Let’s discuss these in detail.

Attracting Traffic on Website with Social Media

Social media has seen significant growth over the past decade and is still raging with numerous brand new platforms introduced frequently. All these platforms hold a certain portion of users who can be the optimum target group for several businesses.

When a business generates a better presence on social media and follows organic social media strategies, it can bring more and more traffic to its business website. From there, business owners can start generating leads and guide them through the sales funnel.

So, how does the whole thing happen?

Social media itself is a search engine, and individual social media profiles can also rank in the search engine result pages. Therefore, your audience can find necessary information either by searching them on social media or search engines. A business with a strong social media presence generates better local SEO and Youtube SEO results.

Let’s talk about them individually:

Generating Traffic from Search Engine Results

Anyone who has general knowledge of internet search knows that anything on the internet can appear simply by searching on search engines. Social media profiles are not the oddest things to appear on search results.

When someone searches using a name or any relevant information they need, search engines like Google find out the best possible results to show. So, social media profiles appear on the results if a social media profile has the best content relevant to the users’ search engines.

In branded search results, social media profiles are prominent and usually appear on the first page of the search results. Thus, a business known for its good social media presence will be more visible to the audience and can boost its brand image.

So, more and more businesses are now focusing on creating creative social media profiles and optimizing them to fit their audience’s choice. It helps businesses to gather more traffic and allow them to redirect this traffic to their website for boosted conversion.

Social Media Platforms are Search Engines Themselves

Besides appearing on search engine result pages, social media platforms work as search engines. Most social media are now offering their users to search for specific content by simply writing appropriate keywords.

When a social media page is properly optimized with relevant content and keywords, people will find those profiles more effortlessly and engage with the brand. It will generate transparency between the business and the customer. Therefore, the brand image will get a significant boost.

Businesses can conduct keyword research for their social media and optimize their profiles, bios, and captions with appropriate keywords. Also, some platforms allow users to use hashtags to find out about relevant topics for better convenience. With all those practices, the traffic both on social media and websites gets a boost.

Increasing Content Reach

On search engines, your audience will only find your content when they are searching with relevant keywords. However, social media does not require a relevant keyword search from an audience to see your content. Social media platforms can suggest the users relevant content according to their behavior on social media.

When businesses post better content, it highly affects search engine rankings. With the increase in social media engagement, shares, and comments, content can reach the maximum number of people using the same platform.

Also, if the content is really good, there is a chance of getting viral. When a post goes viral, it can generate incredible traffic and can even get an audience who did not know they needed this specific product in the first place.

Also, a social media marketing strategy can significantly boost when a known celebrity or influencer shares content. Thus, with increased content reach, social media profiles and websites can both get a traffic boost.

Social Media Can Boost Local SEO

The local search ranking of a website generates a significant boost when a business includes NAP (name, address, and phone number). Search engine giant Google considers businesses with known NAP more credible and promotes them on top of the search results. However, this information needs to be updated on a business social media profile as well.

In addition to getting a boost on search rankings, some social media platforms allow businesses to geotag their location for increased visibility. It helps businesses to reach more audiences and generate a better bottom line.

Also, there are several websites that allow their users to write reviews on businesses on their platform. With good reviews, businesses will significantly increase their followers and customers.

Boosting Youtube SEO

Visual content is one of the most popular social media platforms, and its popularity is rising daily. When businesses share helpful videos on their youtube channels, Google will show these videos on the top of the first page of the SERPs. Therefore, the business will be able to gain better traffic.

Moreover, social media shares of these videos also increase in viewers. Social media allows its users to share content conveniently on the platform. Therefore, more and more people will see and resonate with the content. Therefore, Youtube, website, and social media viewers will increase significantly.

Once a business makes the video and optimizes the video description with relevant keywords, the video will generate more visibility on social media platforms and on regular search results.

Bottom Line

Social media can influence SEO practice significantly. As a result, the website traffic will boost, and businesses will be able to generate better leads.

Also, social media has insane capabilities to boost content reach, local SEO, and Youtube SEO. Therefore, businesses will notice better traffic on their website when they have optimized their social media profiles and content accordingly.