10 Side-Effects of Fistula Surgery Or Open Surgery

Antibiotics will not make Anal Fistula disappear. Your only option is to have your anorectal tissues repaired. Surgery is performed to close or remove the fistula channel. There are many surgical options to treat anal fistula. You should consider all options, and select the one that has the highest success rate and minimizes side effects. You may experience side effects if you do not choose the Best Treatment for Fistula.

Two methods can be used to treat fistula: open surgery or laser surgery. Laser surgery is preferred to open surgery for fistula. Side-effects can occur with open surgery.

Here are 10 side effects of Fistula Operation In Traditional Way (Open Surgery), Fistula can be treated with long-term incisions

Open surgery for fistula involves a lengthy incision that allows the surgeon to open the fistula and remove any infectious tissue. Side-effects can occur if the surgeons close the incision with stitches. These incisions may be painful after surgery. Consult a doctor, go to the best Fistula Doctor in Kolkata

Bowel incontinence

Anal fistula surgery may cause damage to the anal sphincter muscle. These sphincter muscles control the bowel movements by tightening around anus. If they are damaged, the strength of the muscles is affected. This can lead to bowel incontinence.


The risk of infection is high during open fistula surgery. It is essential to properly clean wounds and provide care. The infection can spread through the body if the incision is located under the skin. Infection is the most common side effect after fistula surgery.

Sometimes, medication is used to treat the infection. Other times, a second surgery may be necessary to correct fistula. Laser surgery is minimally invasive and does not require any wounds.

Fistula Recurrence

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There are high chances that your fistula will recur if you have traditional surgery. An recurrence can occur if the fistula does not close properly, or if there is an infection that remains untreated.

Bowel Obstruction or Blockage

After fistula surgery, there may be adhesions in the sphincter muscle. This could lead to bowel obstruction that may require another procedure.

Gas Incontinence

An involuntary muscle is a part of the sphincter that prevents liquid and gas from leaving the rectum. A fistulotomy can cause the sphincter muscle to become disoriented, which could result in gas not being able control.

Long-term hospitalization

Open surgery may require the patient to remain for up to two days. The doctor will examine the patient to determine if they are able stand independently. This can take some time. Open surgery is more risky than incisions.

Long recovery time

After open surgery for fistula, there are common side effects such as soreness and difficulty sitting. If the patient is not following the instructions, recovery could take longer.

Bleeding after surgery

Any movement after surgery can cause bleeding. It is possible to get bleeding from a surgical wound that has not been closed properly. This can also happen as a side effect of medications after surgery. Aftercare is also important and should be monitored by the medical staff.

Scarring the skin

The stitches can cause scarring, which is not possible with laser surgery. Open surgery can leave scarring, even though it is not visible.

Fistula: Why laser surgery is a good option

Laser surgery uses the diode laser to open the fistula tracts. Laser surgery is painless, non-invasive and causes less bleeding. This procedure is minimally invasive and offers a promising treatment for fistula . This procedure ablates tissue and seals the fistula tube.

As long as there is no incontinence, the treatment can spare sphincter muscles

Because there are no stitches or cuts, post-surgery infection can be negligible

It is only a 30-minute procedure, so patients don’t need to be hospitalized. Patients can return home that same day.

No scarring

Normal activity can be resumed in 2-3 days, but patients should avoid strenuous work.