Coffin vs Casket: What Are the Key Differences and Which One Is Right for Your Loved One?

Coffins and caskets serve the same function; both are burial boxes; the only main difference is the shape and popularity. Caskets are rectangular and more popular, while coffins are hexagons and are losing their popularity with time.

Most people cannot differentiate between a coffin and a casket because both contain the body for viewing, cremation, and burial.

If you are looking for a funeral box and you are confused about coffin vs. casket from Titan Casket, which one is right for a loved one? Check this out.

The Meaning of Coffin

A coffin is commonly a six-sided funeral box, which is pushed out at the shoulders and horned at the head, and the foot. The word coffin originated from Greek, meaning “basket,” which initially described a tomb put inside the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

 Also known as a toe pitcher, a coffin was the first main style of a funeral box. They are simple in design and efficient in functioning; they are commonly seen in western movies and pre-civil war burials.

The Meaning of Casket

Caskets are four-sided funeral boxes that are popular in American funerals. They are constructed from high-quality materials with close attention to features. The word casket was initially used to refer to a jewelry box, an ornament container made to hold precious items.

The funeral casket gained popularity among Americans in the middle of the 19th century, when the basics of funeral practices became more practical. People started to celebrate funerals, and funeral directors started visiting the families of the deceased to provide solace. The casket was then considered a more appropriate funeral box than the coffin of that time.

Coffin vs. Casket, Which One Should You Buy?

Although legal requirements differ from one state to another, coffins and caskets serve the same purpose. Whether you choose a casket or a coffin depends on your preferences and budget because either of them can be used to lay your loved ones to rest efficiently.

Even though caskets are the most preferred by Americans, numerous options can satisfy your needs within your budget. However, if you need help deciding what you should buy, it would be best to consult with the funeral home or online casket seller to advise you accordingly.

Where to Buy Coffin or Casket

You can find coffins and caskets in most funeral homes; however, with the rise of customized caskets, customers have the right to purchase a coffin or a casket from their preferred seller. You can choose to buy a coffin or casket online from the most trusted sellers, such as Titan.

If you are looking for a customized casket or coffin, online casket sellers have got you covered; with a simple chat, you can design your casket, and it will be delivered directly to your preferred funeral home. Buying your casket online is also cheaper compared to most offline sellers. It also saves you time and stress commuting to and from the funeral home looking for caskets.

Types of Coffins and Caskets Available for Sale Online

There are multiple coffins and caskets available for sale online, which include;

  • Metal caskets are durable and offer more exterior and interior style options. They also have extra features like a rubber seal that protects the casket.
  • Wooden casket- wooden caskets are the most traditional caskets made from wood, such as mahogany. They are elegant and most suitable for religious funerals. They are also friendly to the environment.
  • Cloth caskets- cloth caskets are light and easy to transport, but they can still carry an adult. They are excellent in value and offer a stylish appearance.
  • Oversized caskets- isa large casket that is ideal for carrying heavyweight. They are constructed bigger than the normal-sized casket, but the style and other features are not compromised.

If you need help to select the most appropriate casket for your loved one, do not hesitate to contact online sellers like Titan, they will answer all your questions and help you choose the right casket.

To Wind Up

Death is inevitable, and the best you can do once you lose your loved one is to give them a decent burial. You can choose from numerous caskets and accord your loved one a memorable send-off.