How drinking water helps in weight loss?

Among fruit juices, sodas, wine, and cocktails, water has competition. However, if this drink is not the most “fun”, it is best for our health, mentality, growth and an antidote to depression. It is even vital for our body! In this article I am going to discuss drinking water for weight loss

Weight Loss

How much water should I drink for ?

In adults, more than 60% of the body is water. Urine, perspiration, respiration… we lose a large part of it during the day. It is therefore recommended to drink between 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day to compensate for these losses. However, the amount to consume may vary depending on various factors such as age, build, shape, or even the weather. Indeed, do not hesitate to drink more if you are making significant efforts or if it is hot in order to avoid dehydration.

In addition, according to a review of scientific studies carried out in 2013 on people following a diet, increased water consumption would help participants lose extra pounds.

The American scientific organization National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (national academy of sciences, engineering, and medicine) estimates that women should drink 2.7 liters of water per day and men of 3, 7 liters per day. This overall recommendation would be sufficient for weight loss. Our slideshow reveals 5 ways water can make you melt.

How to drink more water?

Here are some best ways  to help you drink more water every day:

Keep a glass of water or a bottle on your bedside table so you can drink before bed and when you wake up.

Get a bottle: more easily transportable, it will allow you to always have something to drink and to top up as needed during the day.

To “brighten up” the water (and avoid the temptation of too sweet sodas), you can put some fruit (raspberries, orange, lemon, etc.), mint leaves, or even vegetables (cucumber) in your bottle. This solution flavors the water without adding sugar.

For linnet heads, it is also possible to set up reminders in your phone to encourage you to swallow water at specific times of the day. Losing weight can also helps to reduce stress, hair whitening etc.

Drinking water makes you feel full faster

A 2018 South Korean study found that participants who drank water before dinner ate less than those who did not drink water. The reason seems quite simple: the water partially fills the stomach. The satiety signal would thus be sent faster to the brain.

Water would help burn fat and help weight Loss

Research from the University of Lorraine published in 2016 revealed that an increase in water consumption causes an increase in the lipolysis mechanism (degradation of lipids to transform them into energy), and therefore the deterioration of stored fat.

Water limits constipation

Water is essential for your body’s waste removal process. Moreover, dehydration promotes constipation and bloating … digestive disorders that can also weigh on the scale. According to some experts, drinking water helps limit them.

Drinking cold water burns more calories

Some research suggests that drinking cold water helps boost metabolism as the body works a little harder to warm it up. This leads it to burn more calories. This process is known as thermogenesis.

Drinking water reduces daily calorie intake

Tap water or mineral water contains zero calories. Logically enough, replacing your daily glass of fruit juice, cola or alcohol with water allows you to reduce your calorie intake for the day!