4 Reasons why Envelopes are an important part of stationery!

Envelopes are generally referred to as the packaging of official letters that are used for communication between organizations. While letterheads are considered an important part of an organization’s stationery, envelope printing is usually ignored. The following read will reiterate the importance of envelopes and how they can play a crucial part in almost all aspects of your business.

Traditionally, businesses as their marketing strategies, focused only on TV/Radio advertisements or the medium of print such as billboards, newspapers, leaflets to promote their products. After the rise of consumerism and an economic boom, there were many types of similar products available for the consumers in the market.

This led to increased competition, businesses now had to do more in order to gain the preference of the customers. Branding became the need of the time, proper planned strategies had to be implemented if a market share was to be gained. While logos, advertisements, and other mediums of print still had relevance, the rise of the digital realm with its tremendous reach added a very fruitful avenue to the cause.  

Amidst all of this, many organizations have started paying less attention to their stationery. Business stationery consists of letterheads, envelopes, business cards, compliment letters that a business uses to represent itself while conveying a piece of important information. Your stationery plays a very important role in your external or internal communications; however, it is not all that it can do. In fact, subtly your stationery can impact your entire brand image and if everything goes right, it even enhances it.


While organizations do give some importance to their letterheads and business cards they seem to completely ignore the envelope printing stages of the whole process. Envelopes are mostly seen as carriers or shells for important documents or letters.

Consumers these days go through a ton of information each day. From their TV screens in the news to their phones and hours of scrolling on Facebook or other social media sites. We even retrieve new information from our conversations or hearing other people talk all the time. With this barrage of information, a sleazily designed envelope will mostly get ignored by the receiver as they are already processing so much.

However, if the design of the envelope is enticing enough, it will generate a sense of curiosity in the minds of the receiver. If your envelope stands out in the mail, due to its unique design it will get the reader’s attention first and ultimately his/her preference to open first.

4 Reasons why Envelopes are an important part of stationery! 1

Mailing can also help organizations effectively reach their target customers and ensure that their message is going to the right place. The question of whether the message is received and understood by the customers can be a bit tricky. This is where envelopes come in, if you want to generate curiosity among your receivers, well, design a better envelope. The following are a few more points that emphasize the importance of envelope printing and how they add a new dynamic to your stationery.

Envelopes give out a very professional impression:

Any stationery that carries your name and logo can be used as your representative. Well-deigned stationery gives out a sense of legitimacy and makes you look more professional. Similarly, envelopes need to be included in that stationery as well, this will bring coherence to your entire stationery.  

Proof of official letter:

Now we all know that letterheads are one of the most preferred ways of communication in the corporate world. They are used for sending important information from one entity to another. Envelopes are used as carriers for these written pages of information, this makes them equally as important as your letterheads.

Imagine if a plain envelope carries an important letter, it might lose its value and the receiver might not pay that much attention to it and eventually doesn’t open it. Having your envelopes printed with your brand design elements will tell the receivers who the letter is from and more importantly, it will add value to the content it carries.


Now, there are many elements that change a particular name, product, or service into a brand. From your logos to your packaging and even the type of typography you use can play a very important role in building a brand. These are elements that are unique and can be identifiable by the customer as a part of your company.

4 Reasons why Envelopes are an important part of stationery! 2

Coherence is very important in building a brand. All of your brand elements should be in sync and should portray a similar feel in all aspects. Your stationery also needs to be designed in a way that carries a similar feel in order to have an impact. Having your envelopes printed with your brand design aesthetic adds a new element to your branding strategy.

Promotional tool:

Not many organizations pay attention to their stationery including envelope printing and use simple boring designs to only serve a particular purpose and that is to convey a message. Aesthetically designed envelopes can also be used as a promotional tool. Giving a cool and unique touch to your stationery can do wonders in making you noticeable by the customers. It also portrays an organization’s attention to detail and commitment to the cause.