10 Ways A Graphic Designer Can Make Money

Many aspirants take training or courses to become graphic designers, after which they successfully graduate with high-paying jobs. Still, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It also sets the stage for new education and technical know-how that you can do without compromising on boundaries.

Working on a 9 am to 5 pm job doesn’t mean you have to balance yourself. You can discover new ways to make a lot of money. With those options, you can earn a living as a graphic designer!

Did you know that there are many ways to earn good money as a tech designer? You can increase your income without designing the chaotic side or a lot of work.

Top 10 Ways A Graphic Designer Can Make Money

1. Start Blogging And Make Money

Do you enjoy writing? If so, blogging can be a great way to earn a living. Making money from it can make more money. However, you do not need to be involved in the strict maintenance of your blog. Don’t be the one to complete your blog all at once.

Are you interested to make a quick 1000 dollars in one day? A good website or blog can be one of the best ways to attract attention. Being a creative professional, won’t take up much of your time. Later, you can use it in many ways.

If you post good content and photos, other websites and people may be attracted to you. Or, you can get some paid sponsorship for other people and products.

Don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience to start your own blogging site. Go through ours – how to start a blog in a drawing guide to create one.

You can also add a podcast to your blog in case writing is not possible for you. If you have covered design-related topics, which could benefit other designers or help people, then your blog will be faster.

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2. Work on Freelancing Sites

All you have to do is get creative by creating an income. You can take freelancing as your passion or start it as a way to pay off your debts. If you are creating applied art, stock templates, graphics, or logo design, it can be your ultimate source of income online. Publish your works of art on crowdsourcing sites or create your own profile.

The popularity of making money online through freelancing is growing in community design. Over the past few years, a growing industry and the right choice of professional artists to make money online has emerged. Creating profiles on social media sites is not a challenge.

It exposes you to a wider market. You can participate in various design competitions presented by these platforms to earn the highest percentage of revenue from your projects. If you want to start small, then there is no better way to choose a site to connect with more people.

Various competitions require you to create a logo, create a brochure, a business card, create a contact page, and more. Other connecting sites where you can create your profile and participate in competitions are 99designs, Creative Market, and Graphic River.

A single logo on these platforms can be designed for $ 200- $ 500 or more according to the client’s budget. If you love it, make graphic design is my passion. Depending on the job, clients sometimes choose to hire a freelance graphic designer for their design-related work.

3. Start Teaching Online

E-learning has grown into a huge industry. More and more people are starting to choose online as the preferred method of education. You can host special webinars or create online courses to earn income. There is no doubt that creating real educational materials, editing, and shooting videos is a particular challenge.

However, if you do it right, it will start to produce traffic and money. You need to do it diligently under your budget.

4. Start Workplace

The value of face-to-face contact has not diminished yet. If you can design, using a workshop can be a great idea for your income. Of course, you need enough studio or space.

You can also look at other options such as using the university library. Since people are willing to sign up to study online, they like to show their interest in workplaces. They love to be a part of a live session, reading, meeting, and interacting with other people.

In addition to helping others improve their knowledge, the workshop can also increase your exposure. It increases your credibility and gives you new business opportunities.

5. Sell on Merch

The madness of the custom t-shirt catches men and women alike. This has led to people like you starting their own sales line. Starting a custom t-shirt business is not as challenging as it seems. All you need is an excellent design to build a fan base in the market.

There are many shipping services and markets, which will help you get your revenue stream. Print, Designhill PrintShop, and Printify are the platforms you should check.

Many designers turn to entrepreneurs using custom-made clothing as an addition to creating product distribution and revenue. If you are from Bangladesh, you can also start online income bd.

6. Start Consultation

Online projects are one of the best ways to generate revenue for designers in 2021. These days, businesses can’t prove their existence without creating a website. Also, they need a good website to stand out in an overcrowded market.

You can use your graphic information and make money online! Start charging a cheaper price as a consultation fee. It does not include your previous expenses but your knowledge and skills.

7. Design Decals For MacBook Or iPhone

Here’s another great way to make a living as an artist. Again, that’s decision-making. iPhones and MacBooks are probably the most popular devices among tech-savvy consumers today. To most people, it is almost like a precious accessory. They like to customize it with cool stickers and symbols.

So, a good way to start designing decals. You wouldn’t make millions suddenly on this, but it’s a better way to make more money. If you succeed in proving yourself a successful designer, the domain will help you earn thousands per month. Etsy is a great launch platform.

8. Design WordPress Themes & Sell It

The demand for customized WordPress themes is increasing among entrepreneurs and bloggers. I mean, some designers are making money on seven figures by selling WordPress themes. If they can, you can too!

Create a sub-theme or make the attractions look minimal. Use tools like Elementor Pro 2.0 to customize. Subscribe to a market like ThemeForest to cut a side hustle and create revenue. All you need is a flexible portfolio that displays your WordPress themes. Learn more about the best investments that pay monthly income.

9. Sell Custom Type

Can you type? Do you like to create custom typing types? If so, you can make money as a graphic designer using your typography skills! You can develop custom fonts and sell them on various platforms like MyFonts.

It is one of the most important sources of income. Remember, CocaCola or Yahoo types? Both are customized. If you have flair in typography, you can benefit greatly from it to earn more money.

10. Write an eBook

Are you an eye-catcher? If so, words will not appeal to you. But no one could express your thoughts and feelings better than you. As a designer, you have to have the ability to write again.

Writing an e-book can help you break the revenue code. No, you do not need to write a complete text. You can create an e-book with high quality action-packed essays. If you can create a blog, you can also write an ebook!


The ten methods mentioned earlier should get you into the world of income. Try any of them to earn more money. Don’t forget to share your income perspective as a designer.