How to Make Instagram Your Not-so-secret Weapon

With over a billion users on Instagram, you stand a chance of increasing your ROI and take your business to the next level. Whether you are operating a brick-and-motor store or have an idea of expanding it to eCommerce, advertising on Instagram is a great opportunity to enhance sales.

Using the right tools, you can post spectacular photos, reels or create engaging opportunities to market your Instagram shop. 90% of users follow at least one business on their page, while 70% found out about a business brand on Instagram. Here is how to use this social media powerhouse into a not-so-secret Weapon.

Embed your Instagram content on site

Creating a website for your brand goes a long way, especially if you link it in your Instagram profile bio. In as much as Instagram and other social media platforms are great at connecting your band and customers at a personal level, your target audience may not be well versed with your social media presence. 

Content marketer at says that a website comes in handy when you entrench your Instagram stories and feeds on your website to enhance a better understanding of your brand by your target audience. Featuring your Instagram content on your website helps increase conversion because customers get a sense of assurance when they see other customers’ reviews and their satisfaction with the brand’s products is captivating. 

Feel up your feeds regularly

There is no shortage of ideas to give your followers thrilled every day. Regularly get your customers engaged with memes, reels, and customer photos. To find out what works best, you need to constantly experiment by posting regularly. You never know what will go viral on this platform. Good practices on Instagram suggest that posting at least once a day is sufficient and two to three times as your brand grows, said Alexander L. from Mimy.

According to best essay writing service, what works for one group of followers may not work for another group. Similarly, a previously successful post may not create much engagement if done again hence the importance of ramping up your feeds. IG feeds also move so fast. Your target audience may skip the message. Your research and creativity will help a great deal if you post content that customers love and appreciate. 

Hashtags go a long way 

Instagram doesn’t get the credit it deserves for taking hashtags to the world stage. They may not overtly seem like an initial priority to a personal account but they remain an important aspect of promoting your business’ brand. Hashtags are a great way to get your target audience engaging because they categorize your content hence making it easier for you to increase your brand’s awareness. 

As per dissertation writing services, you increase interaction with your brand because posts with great hashtags stand a chance to be engaging than those without it. Hashtags are popular with many big brands because they help clue businesses with new trends and what target audiences are currently interested in. They also help you monitor what your competitors are doing and guide you on what changes you can make to give your brand a different look.

Provide your target audience with giveaways 

Your brand is just one against other millions that are competing for the same space online. You need to be creative and find ways to attract more followers by offering gifts to your audience from time to time. 

Provide your followers with giveaways by organizing contests where lucky winners can get free merchandise. You simply offer your customers freebies in exchange for likes, comments, shares or subscription which is free in the end for both sides but go a long way in enhancing traffic your brand.

Nothing excites customers like attractive offers that they can earn without exchanging any consideration. If you conduct your giveaways contests well, you will grow a loyal following which you will share your brand’s products and services subsequently. When organizing for sales and giveaways, present your stories and posts as a must-see for your target audience. 

Team up with industry influencers 

Undoubtedly, influencers play a great role in product promotion, specifically on Instagram and other social media realms. Building your business brand involves cross-promoting your products with influential industry players to maximize your creative content and gain more followers across networks. 

Remember to tag industry influencers when you post memes or short videos to maximize your product promotion. Influencers have taken time to build value on social media and have great importance in marketing products. You will have to work with them to build your brand too and maybe become influential too.


Understanding how Instagram feeds work is essential for any successful brand. This means you need to know the current industry trends and practices that are constantly evolving. With these simple ways, you are sure to optimize your brand’s ROI and take it to greater heights if you follow and use them well.