Here you know about Getting a Green Card through Marriage

How to get a Green Card? 

This question is on our minds. A Green Card is a card for living in the United States as an immigrant. In fact, it is no different from the residence permit we know. First you get the visa, then you go to the USA and get the real card. This card gives all holders the majority of the same rights as a US citizen. For this reason, getting a Green Card is the dream of many of us.

So let’s answer: How to Get a Green Card? There are several ways to get a green card. Some of these include investing in the USA, wanting to live with a US citizen relative, getting a job offer from the USA…

There are other methods, of course, but apart from these, the easiest is the Green Card by lottery, which is extremely possible. However, with this Green Card lottery, everything does not happen overnight. After the lottery, there are many things that need to be followed up, documented and prepared. How lucky are you that we tell you exactly that in this blog. 

How to Get a Green Card through Marriage

I am sure this issue concerns many of our friends. Some of us, like me, have already started our transactions and are already in line. Some of us gather information or seek lawyers to initiate proceedings; some of us are counting the days to apply to the American government for their spouse after he settled in America. I think this will be a great article for these friends! Even without the need for a lawyer.

Important information: What we wrote here is about the application for a spouse after winning the lottery, after the process is completed and getting the green card as a single person. We, as the Howgreencardaldım family, recommend that the winners of the lottery complete their marriage procedures as soon as possible and go to the lottery green card negotiations as married. Because the process after making a single transaction through the lottery is much longer and much more stressful. However, with the marriage made before the lottery interview, everything passes equally easily for both people.

Now America is such a country that hundreds of thousands of people come here every year through immigration. In addition, as a result of the applications of legal immigrants (LPR) and citizens of this country (US Citizen), hundreds of thousands of people are waiting in the United States or in their own countries. Can you imagine? Tons of applications, piled up documents, delays, years of waiting, family dramas, much more…green card by marriage

if you are an American citizen:

First of all, if you are an American citizen, your application to the state for the person you will marry will be concluded within 1 year at the latest. The most important reason for this is that your spouse is in the ” immediate relative ” category. That your marriage in question is sincere and real bona fide marriage is fine as long as you can prove it. Because arranged marriages for the purpose of obtaining a green card are increasing every year and when the government takes this into consideration, the burden of proof on the parties becomes important. The person on whose behalf you apply (beneficiary, that is, your spouse) can enter the USA with any visa (tourist, education, etc.) and follow the process in the USA. Even if the expiry of his visa has put him in an illegal situation, the fact that the applicant, namely his spouse, is an American citizen will not cause him any trouble in obtaining a green card, which he will receive within 1 year at the latest. 

In fact, this is what US President Donald Trump wants to completely (or partially) eliminate! CHAIN ​​MIGRATION !

What is this “ chain migration” ? 

It’s actually an easy term, meaning chain migration. Here’s trying to remove it, Mr. President. But I think he’s trying for nothing. Because it has been around for many years already, and the United States was formed and shaped by the immigration of immigrants here. Likewise, even President Trump is a descendant of a German immigrant.

The American government also gives married couples the chance to immigrate to children, parents and even siblings of citizens.. The most important of these is the immigration procedure of married couples. Because this is the part where more applications are received. In addition, other categories may have to wait for many years, whereas married couples will wait for 2 years at most.