The Pivot Sutra: Insights for survival

Last year, when the Pandemic started, no one expected it to last this long. And it has still not ended – there are talks of a 3rd wave and other variants. The losses, shutdowns and disrupted markets are just one consequence of this devastating Pandemic. Amidst the others are shattered supply lines, disrupted economies and loss of entire customer segments – too horrific to even imagine, let alone experience. Amidst all this is the grim reality that it is not over yet, not by a long shot. The much-touted “new Normal” is just not heard of anymore, as businesses and leaders struggle to cope and offer solutions to cope. 

The core point here is, no one realizes that you just cannot win against an invisible enemy – all you can do is fight an uphill battle to maintain the status quo and survive. If you do that, you have won. Hence the emergence of terms like “Business Continuity” and the like. The only constant in this entire sorry saga has been Change.

Those who have resisted it have gone under, swept away…and those who pivoted, adapted…survived. That has been one of the factors that needs to be brought into the mainstream. People need to realise that the sooner they change, adapt the required the changes into their lives, the better it is. For example, entrepreneurs need not rush to government offices – they can opt for online msme registration

Because the Pandemic Pandemic has been devastatingly disruptive in how it how it renders economies, people, nations, and entire continents helpless. This globally tragic crisis has struck without distinction of caste, creed, nation, or location. Nations, economies, individuals, and organizations are scrambling to develop and evolve a proper response in a rapidly changing scenario where every day brings forth a new set of challenges. Unless businesses Pivot, adapting to new challenges and responding innovatively, they will sink and lose. There are some ways in which change can be embraced, in hope for a better tomorrow: 

Be Flexible and Responsive:

The sheer scale of change in the business world is huge. Thus, the leaders and businesses will need to be flexible and responsive in their approach towards each & every situation. Especially in the current situation, which is very fluid, with the pandemic forever transforming the way the world works – how we consume and experience products and services ―as customers, consumers, partners, employees, and humans. 

The economies & markets have become dynamic, changed, and so have customer needs – an agile, flexible approach & quick responses will become crucial when businesses will need to come to terms with the effect the impact of these changes. The changes will be required in the way they design, communicate, build, and run the experiences that customers need and want. For them to cater to the evolved needs of the market, new approaches which are focussed on the customer preference and experiences will be crucial in making or breaking a deal.

Be strong Internally: 

The new normal is dead – Due to the WFH and new normal scenario, everyone is juggling multiple things at the present – on both the personal & professional front. The overlap of these roles has been highly stressful and that has to be factored into every decision. People are feeling stretched and tense as they balance both – work  and personal lives in the current environment.

Moreover, there are other factors like heightened sense of uncertainty about career, requirement of new skills and whether one’s role is relevant in the new normal. Against this backdrop it is very important to be internally and emotionally strong – this will form the bedrock of the response and organisations will learn to bounce back from challenging situations, the ability to stay focused, calm, and positive, harnessing stress instead of letting it overwhelm.

Build strong & beneficial Relationships

In a scenario where WFH and remote working are becoming mainstream, leaders have to maintain team spirit while getting work done. They have to engage in dialogue with new partners to deliver new products and services in a restrictive environment.  These efforts can be synergised with a collaborative approach towards relationships within and across teams, within and across organisations.

This is a crisis that is not affecting a single firm or person – it is impartial and affecting everyone. Only a collective approach which will help to resolve the problem. Thus, strong networks and relationships will be the bedrock of the solution. It is a given, that Networks, Communities, and organisations, in the long terms, will have to instil this approach. Building a support network that helps achieve common goals and helps us heal as a community, and as an economy.


Radical approaches for never-before situations: the answer is simple. But difficult to implement. it involves unlearning the lessons of the past and learning to think anew, free from the dogma of the past. Leaders are under pressure to deliver results and fast. Unless they strive to embrace change instead of running away from it, they will not be successful. This is the core issue right now, with the Pandemic raging. Pivoting will need an open mind, bold decisions and an agile approach backed by prompt action.

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