Order a quality website with SEO optimization

If you decide to order a high-quality website, then already at the development stage it is important to set the developer the task of SEO optimization of your Internet resource. Most customers do not know that a significant part of the work on preparing for the future promotion of the resource can be done already at the development stage.

The correct use of meta tags is of great importance for website SEO . They are needed so that search robots can accurately determine the topic of the page and enter this information into their database, which is used for search results.

Not all developers correctly fill in these special fields in the site admin panel, as this requires an additional investment of time, and clients do not know how to check the quality of this work. Therefore, if you want a really high-quality website, then SEO optimization at the stage of creation is very important!

This is how the header of a page “tailored” to the request looks like: order a high-quality website with SEO optimization

The most important for search engine seo site optimization are the tags: Description, Keywords and Title.

Meta tags are special fields that are used to describe a page; they are needed by search engines to index the page and create the title of a hypertext document. Meta tags affect the display of information about the content of the page and transmit data about the web resource, but are not displayed on the monitor screen.

  • The DESCRIPTION tag is used to create a short short description of a page, displayed as an annotation of a link leading to a page in search results.

At this time, it works mainly in the Google system, but not always. The rest of the search engines often use as an annotation excerpts of the text of a web page corresponding to the user’s request. However, Google recommends using the Meta Description tag. She recommends including keywords in your tags to help you click through to the page more often.


– contains keywords required for SEO page optimization. These are the key phrases for which a specific page should be promoted for this please visit https://www.seocompany.life/.

Unfortunately, now search engines, due to the abuse of this tag, have diminished its importance. But for seo optimization and website promotion. It is better to include in it the keywords found in the name of the resource (Title tag) and its headings (with the H1 and H2 tags). Since this may well increase the relevance of the web resource in relation to the prescribed keys. Because the search engine search algorithms are completely unknown and often change their principles.

  • The TITLE tag is an HTML code element that includes words that appear in the title of a web browser when the page is viewed.

This tag is one of the most important in search engine seo site optimization. If it is filled out correctly, it helps to achieve high positions of the web resource in the search results. But, although Title seems to be quite simple to use, there are nuances of its use.

SEO optimization and website promotion are closely related

Search engines take into account many factors when ranking a site. But the influence of SEO optimization and promotion is dominant. Since if the content of the resource does not comply with certain rules. Then even large budgets invested in promotion will not give the desired results.

A quality site differs from others in the degree of its preparation for promotion at the development stage. This is a set of activities that includes:

  • analysis of statistics of key queries in the preparation of texts
  • compilation of the semantic core of the site
  • preparation of unique texts taking into account statistical data
  • competent distribution of key phrases (keyword density)
  • use of key phrases in titles, subheadings and meta tags
  • internal linking of site pages 

Do not strive to order a website cheaply, a high-quality resource must be SEO optimized at the development stage. This will significantly reduce your promotion budget.