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Park View City is an attractive residential complex that is CDA-approved, developed by Vision Group in Islamabad’s zone IV. The housing society features a 400-foot-wide Main Boulevard that provides direct access from the highway and access from Kurri Road & Banigala. Because of its gorgeous vistas and high-end amenities, this housing enterprise is famous in the region. It is designed to be ideal for families who would like to live in a safe, family-friendly community with a futuristic vision and breathtaking views.

Owner of Park View City:

Park View City, designed by Vision Group with modern architecture and technology, has been Islamabad’s most sought-after housing society. Aleem Khan, an active member of PTI, owns Vision Group. This is Vision Group’s first project in Islamabad.

Permissions and No-Objection Certificates:

On June 1, 2018, the CDA authorized this society’s NOC and all relevant planning licenses. We can use the leading site of the NOC to verify the comprehensive data of its NOC (CDA).

Total Area and Location: 

Society entices people from all walks of life because it is spread out over 7000 Kanal of land with many residential and business blocks. This society is the essence of luxury and peace. It is located near Bahria Enclave, encircled by the lush greenery of Bani Gala with one of the most stunning panoramas, a few minutes away from central Islamabad city. The Park View City Islamabad place is strategic since it is close to its critical attractions while remaining free of the city’s congestion and vibration, making it a fantastic place to call home.

Facilities and Amenities:

Park View City is an outstanding housing society with unrivaled facilities and a flawless concept. Each community unit is designed with a distinct perspective and function in mind to give an exhilarating living experience for its people.

Park View Imax Cinemas 

The city will be a model of elegance and amusement, and the IMAX and 3D cinemas will deliver an unrivaled cinematic experience.

Commercial Walk

Commercial zones, including some of the most well-known retail brands, will meet all of your needs while leaving you with the most fun and easy shopping experience possible.

Parks and Zoos

Zoos, parks, and other pleasant activities are also part of society’s objective to give components of enjoyment to people of all ages.

Community & Club Center

Residents will participate in various indoor and outdoor sports, such as bowling, private pools, cricket, tennis, and golf, at the society’s club and community center.


The project would build a vast, uniquely engineered hospital to expedite health problems with modern-day machinery and the best tech.


The community will incorporate the top schools and academic institutions giving the best curriculum in close vicinity to the residential blocks, ensuring that they are conveniently approachable and at the shortest path.


The project will include beautiful mosques in a unique housing scheme to protect religious values and significance. A gated community park city is a fully secured and protected neighborhood with a boundary wall surrounding the project. Park View’s surrounding societies are not entirely covered, and this community has even barred the side closest to the national forest region.

24/7 Water, Gas, and Electricity

Park view Islamabad prioritizes the availability of electricity, water, and gas, which the project will provide to all sectors of the population 24 hours a day.

No Load Shedding Zone

To ensure that the society is free of load shedding, the building work on the river dam will include an electricity generation plant to ensure an abundant electricity supply.

Underground Electricity Supply

To control power interruptions, every electric work in society is planned underground. Underground cables are significantly safer and make for a more appealing social element.

Surveillance around the clock

Society is concerned about the safety of its people and has erected a system of CCTV cameras around the complex.

Contemporary Infrastructure and Exquisite Housing Plan

This project aims to be a milestone in its creation by getting the benefit of Park View City Islamabad’s beautiful green natural surroundings. High-rise buildings, modern infrastructure, and an appealing housing concept will all contribute to its appeal.

State-Of-Art Development

Park View City would be a monument of modern society in Pakistan, with the finest craftsmanship and most spectacular development.

Apartments in Park View City

The addition of park view city condos to society will provide inhabitants with an elegant modern lifestyle and a higher level of living. There will be a fitness center, swimming pools, laundry service, a convenience store, and much more on the property of these luxurious apartments.

Botanical Garden

Park View is distinguished from other housing societies inside its region by the presence of a Botanical Garden. This Botanical Garden will not only enhance the project’s natural beauty but will also raise soil fertility. The greenhouse will feature a diverse collection of plants, garden herbs, and unusual species worldwide. There will also be nurseries and green buildings where remarkable exotic plants and flowers will be grown and nurtured in society. In society, an organic food store will be established to supply organic produce to live a healthy lifestyle.

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