How to get higher on Google with 8 simple SEO tips

Maybe it’s new. Maybe it’s old. Either way, you have a great tool for creating growth for your business. Now it’s about increasing traffic, and creating value through this tool. There are many ways to increase traffic, and you probably do a lot of it already.

In this article, we are going to give you 8 simple SEO tips on how to improve one of these traffic sources; organic search.

SEO Tips # 1. Create understandable content that triggers

When you search for something in Google, advanced algorithms are set in motion to find an answer that is as relevant as possible to what you are looking for. Adelaide SEO specialists help companies to understand which search queries are relevant to their product offering and how they can be used to enhance the number of qualified leads that they receive through search engine optimization marketing. Previously, these codes were coded manually and involved a manual test process to see if the changes were good enough to be implemented.

With Google’s Rankbrain, this process is automated and machine learning is now trying to improve the algorithm on its own. To do this job, Rankbrain tries to understand what you are looking for and understand how satisfied you are with the search by measuring interaction.

Do this:

Have understandable content that triggers interaction. Avoid long digressions and lots of filler words. Be specific, direct, and clear on what you want the user to do. Even if you have a podcast, you should avoid rambling on for SEO purposes. Use SpotifyStorm to boost the podcast, but make sure the content is to the point.Also use synonyms for the keywords and related phrases to make it easier for Google to understand what your content is about. If you want rank your website with great service then click here aleph website

SEO Tips # 2. Backlink’s OPP formula

An effective way to reduce your flight rate (leaving your website without doing anything) is to tell the user what they get out of being on your site (Outcome), that you know what you are talking about (Outcome). Proof) about and gives them a clue as to what awaits them (Preview).

SEO Tips # 3. Be visual

Did you know that 38% of people say they will stop interacting with a site if the design or layout is unattractive?

It’s your textual content that will get people to your page, and it’s the same content that will get people to take action on your page, but if all that content is wrapped up in an ugly frame they will not be there long enough to hear what they should do and why.

An attractive page makes people stay longer and interact more with the page, two very positive signals to Google. Plus, if they are on your side, they can not be on the competitor’s side at the same time…

Do this:

Put some emphasis on design and use nice pictures, videos, graphics and other visual tools. It does not hurt that a nice book has a nice cover.

SEO Tip # 4: Link in and out

Google is concerned with matching your search with relevant results, and link building can help you send the right signals to the search engine.

Do this:

Be generous and link a lot and often to other pages. It helps build credibility for your domain and tells the search engine that you are building your content on sources.

Also link to your own content. Make it easy for a user of your website to delve into your content. The signal you send is that people who come to your site interact a lot with it, and the content you have must therefore be good.

SEO Tip # 5: Be Clickable

Captivating content is searchable content. Google will find content that is relevant to you, and those pages that have a high click-through rate signal just that. Therefore, make sure you have clickable content.

I’m not talking about click baiting – you will be punished for that in the long run when your escape rate skyrockets.

Do this:

Use simple tricks like “how to do x” or “how to do y” as we have done in this article. Numbers in the headlines also help.

SEO Tip # 6: Be Engaging

What is a better signal on a relevant page than the one that has a high degree of interaction from those who visit it. Therefore, make sure that you encourage action and interaction.

Do this:

If you are writing articles, encourage people to comment, and respond to all the comments you receive. Show that you hear and appreciate input, thoughts, ideas and discussions.

Also turn your conclusion into a call to conversion, whether it’s buying the amazing product you’ve argued for, whether it’s reading another article that you learn a lot from, or it’s coming up with thoughts, ideas and suggestions that can make you and your business better.

SEO Tips # 7: Spread the Content

Traffic is organic, but that does not mean we can not help it a little along the way. A stone that rolls has much greater torque than the one that stands still.

Do this:

Promote everything you publish. Find others who are interested in your topic and get in touch via email or Facebook messenger. First ask if they are interested in knowing when your post goes live, then send it to them if they should be interested.

SEO Tips # 8: Update and be relevant

Good content is updated regularly and is always relevant. Maybe there was a development with your product? Maybe you got more ambassadors and good stories. Perhaps even more arguments arise for using exactly what you offer.

Do this:

Set aside a day in the quarter to review and revise the content you have on the page. Thus, make a plan to promote the new updated content in a given time ahead.


There is little hocus pocus behind ranking high on Google. The secret is targeted and conscious content works with the aim of creating value for your users. By following these 8 tips, you should be well on your way to reaching that goal.

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