What is the Best Way to Apply Eye Ointment?

Due to Covid, today, people are aware of various medical help. Not only do they know, but they also know how to get the treatment at home by themselves. Covid has, however, made people very independent and responsible.

People are learning how to treat medical problems at home but are scared of the small ones, such as applying an eye ointment. It is not that hard to put the eye ointment in your eye yourself.

Guidance in this article will guide you on the best way to apply eye ointment. Go with these carefully to make your attempt easy.

Let’s start!

1) Start with Washing your Hands Properly.

Washing your hands is the first way to start the process. Do it with the hand wash or the soap to help remove any dirt from your hands. It will prevent your eye from further infection.

Also, do not forget to wash the ointment off after the process. You do not want to put the eye ointment everywhere with your hands, as it is medicine.

2) Prepare your Ointment Tube to flow out easily.

Rub gently or keep the ointment tube closed within your hands. The warmness of the hands will allow the eye ointment to flow out easily without any disturbance. After a few minutes, remove the cap to apply.

3) Pull the Skin of the Lower Eyelid to Widen the Eye with the Help of your Thumb.

Use your thumbs and fingers to open up your eye. As soon as you see a red line of the lower eyelid, apply your ointment on it. Move your head above to make your job easy.

4) Apply a Thin Layer of Ointment Inside your Lower Eyelid.

Make sure to apply a thin layer instead of overflowing your eye with too much ointment. Continue holding the skin for the opening of your eyelid for a better application of eye ointment.

Start applying from the closest corner of the eye, moving towards the nose. Make sure that the thickness of ointment coming out of the tube is even throughout the application.

5) Blink your eye a few times instead of touching it with your hands to spread it evenly in the eye.

Instead of spreading the ointment with your hands, the best way is to blink your eye multiple times. Do not rub your eye and clean any eye ointment outside your eye area with a wipe.

6) Keep your eye closed for two to five minutes.

Keep your eyes closed for more than two minutes. It works better by giving your eye rest. Avoid blinking too much as the eye ointment may get removed but give your eye a rest.

Conclusion: What is the Best Way to Apply Eye Ointment?

Follow these six steps above for proper application of eye ointment. It can be tricky but be confident when applying it to avoid any errors. Remember to wash your hands as it is the essential step.

Best of luck with the application of eye ointment!