Buying Youtube Views, Should You be Doing it?

YouTube is currently the world’s largest online video platform, where you can access millions of videos on versatile niches with a click. People worldwide also intend to earn from YouTube through channels, where they portray their talents, knowledge, skills, etc. 

So, the question of debate is: Should a YouTuber rely entirely on organic growth, or should they cross the bridge innovative by buying youtube views? I would say a yes to the latter. Buying Youtube views is not a crime but legal and can be a seeder for your organic growth in the future. 

Why should you buy YouTube views?

To trigger your growth:

  Consider you are a YouTuber aspiring to make it big on the platform. You create good-quality content, but all you get is a handful of views and likes, but you and your supporters are confident about your content. What you need now is comprehensive coverage for your video. Think from the user’s shoes: when a user types in the keyword for a video, and when the list appears, the user will go for the video with a large number of views, as they mark its quality. So increasing the number of views on your video can make your content feel more credible to the user. Now, the content has a wide coverage, too, reaching a large audience.

Helps create the required balance: 

As the views grow for the video, you gradually start growing as a YouTuber. Once the balance between the content you create equals the number of followers it truly deserved, then there is no turning back; you will see constant growth if you work at the same pace.

Achieve topmost rankings in Google:

  It is well known that YouTube videos can be obtained from Google, and the videos appear in the list based on their rankings. As your views increase, your video/channel will be pushed to the top of the list, and thus, it reaches a large audience again.

Buzzvoice: Revolutionizing the digital world

Even though buying YouTube views has its own merits, the reinforcement of these merits depends on the service provider. There are lots of companies who provide cheap quality services at high rates, manipulating customers. So always go for genuine service providers like

Buzzvoice has a good reputation for providing genuine YouTube views. The advantages the company provide are as follows:

Simple and transparent procedure: 

Paste your youtube link on the tab, select your package, enter order details, and checkout with a credit or debit card. You can follow this link to place the order: Simple as it is!

No registration required: 

Buzzvoice does not require registration. They automatically build an account in the user’s email after the first order and subsequent purchases are registered in the account.


It is completely safe to use their services. They only require the video link and do not ask for any username or password. Thus, your privacy is protected.

Instant action: 

They offer instant service. Once your order is placed, the action will be elicited in less than 30 minutes or a maximum of up to 1-2hrs.


Thus, buying YouTube views can be a good option for a growing YouTuber to nurture their dreams. Services like are trustworthy and can help you have constant growth. These services are not illegal, and it is similar to raising a paid campaign for your YouTube channel. So, to all the YouTubers out there, YouTube views from Buzzvoice and achieve your dreams.