Moissanite Rings May Sparkle

Moissanite rings have become increasingly popular as diamond alternatives because of the many advantages diamond moissanite rings have over diamond rings. Diamonds are virtually impossible to scratch or chip. Moissanite tends to be a little bit more durable than diamond in every other way. This means that moissanite tends to be a good diamond alternative if you just want a diamond but don’t need the durability diamond offers.

Moissanite, sometimes spelled moissanite, is a very unique gemstone, much like a diamond. The gem can only be found in select places in the world, mostly in Russia, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia. Both diamonds and moissanite are found in a wide range of colors, which adds to their uniqueness. Both gems are also available in various shapes, which makes them a wise choice as an engagement or even wedding band.

Diamonds are often said to sparkle, but not all diamonds sparkle the same. A diamond ring is created by the sparkle of light energy coming from a diamond’s internal structure. This process gives diamonds their brilliance, or glistening, as it’s commonly referred to. Moissanite rings have a natural sparkle that is enhanced by the metal used in the ring’s construction. However, the sparkle of moissanite rings isn’t identical to that of a diamond.

A diamond is classified into three basic classes based on the hardness of its diamond surface. On one end of the scale are diamonds with very low hardness, which would be classified as rubies or emeralds. On the other end are diamonds that have relatively high hardness levels, which would be classified as sapphires or ruby. The middle level would have diamonds that are somewhere in between, with a hardness scale that are close to that of diamonds, but one that is closer to diamond than sapphires or rubies.

Diamonds are found in nature in many colors, but moissanite has only been found in yellow gold. Because of its colorless nature, moissanite rings are often compared to the birthstones for women, such as the diamond. Because the gemstone is not as valuable as diamonds, diamond rings are often seen as more practical jewelry. While diamonds can be quite beautiful, they are far more valuable as jewelry, and diamond moissanite rings have a similar value in terms of their appearance.

Moissanite gems tend to be somewhat harder than diamond gems. However, this hardness makes them more durable. They will last longer without becoming damaged, and many homeowners prefer these softer gems because they are less likely to scratch. The cost for a diamond ring made from moissanite tends to be much less than the cost of a diamond ring that is made from a diamond.

Many moissanite rings feature a unique ring design that incorporates both diamonds and moissanite. There are some designs that feature alternating diamonds and alternating moissanite, while others feature one large diamond at the center and a series of smaller diamonds around it. All diamond rings with moissanite can sparkle, but those that feature small diamonds around the larger stone can appear to be sparkling when there is no sparkle in the moissanite itself.

One of the reasons that people prefer moissanite gems over diamonds is that diamond prices tend to increase over time. It’s difficult to determine what the value of moissanite gems will be in the future because it’s hard to predict what diamonds will look like given today’s technology. However, most experts agree that moissanite stones will be worth more in the future than they are right now. Because diamonds can be difficult to cut into smaller sizes, many jewelry manufacturers prefer moissanite as the stones used in diamond engagement rings.