Top 6 Haldi Dress Ideas for Brides

Haldi Dress is the most significant outfit of every Wedding Bride really? Maybe one of them but don’t write these obvious statements. Haldi Dresses are usually bright, attractive, and alluring. Haldi Functions are the most important function before a Wedding.  

For a girl bride-to-be, and the Haldi Ceremony adds a whole lot of importance.  The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as the pithy ceremony.

The Haldi Ceremony (where the bride’s family members and her friends apply Haldi on her., any kind of bright, alluring dress fits perfectly on the auspicious day of Haldi. Haldi Dresses complete your vibes. Here you have a comprehensive list of suggestions regarding Haldi Dresses. 

  • Anarkali Suit for Haldi Look

Anarkali is comfortable, soothing, and contemporary. What’s better than Anarkali if you’re looking for something and attractive at the same time.  Style it with floral jewelry, floral Maang Tika, anklets, and bangles to enhance the look.  

Styling :
Styling it with trendy floral jewelry, floral bangles, anklets, and twirl your hair with floral stripes to get that classy look.

  • Modern silhouette with asymmetrical Skirt for Haldi Ceremony

If you’re looking for some uncommon dresses, this one will be absolutely worth your taste. This asymmetrical skirt will enhance your look which will be absolutely perfect for any bride in their Haldi ceremony. 


Style it with some floral choker with floral bangles, do a simple middle parting hairstyle and you’re set to hit the ground of your Haldi Function. 

  • Long Kurti with Palazzo for Haldi Look

This look is absolutely simple yet stunning. This is the look that every girl drools upon. Long Kurti with Palazzo is in trend now. It is lined with pink-colored borders which enhance the work and color of yellow, making it look perfect for the ceremony. 


Style it with a dark pink-colored dupatta with a bunch of pink-colored bangles, keep your hair open and you will be ready for a picture-perfect look. 

  • Multi-colored lehenga for Haldi Ceremony

Wear this multi-colored lehenga to look different. Your lehenga can either be multi-colored or your whole piece can be fully multilayered. This is trendy and attracts. 

This multi-colored lehenga reminds me of Priyanka Chopra at her Haldi Ceremony.

Styling :

Style it either with customized jewelry or just keep it simple, t. Tie a bun bordering with flowers with a heavy Maang Tika and you will set the ground on fire.  

  • Pink colored lehenga for Haldi Ceremony

Pink has always been a girl’s favorite color. Hence, if you choose Pink Coloured Lehenga for your Haldi Ceremony, what does that mean. Pink-colored Lehenga will be an absolutely gorgeous piece for Haldi Look repeat

 This Haldi Dress will help you to have that which everyone dies for. This is a trend that’s on-peak and if you choose one, you will be at the top.

Styling :

Style it with a magenta and yellow colored floral jewelry set with Maang Tika to give a glow. Bangles and anklets too will suit and match your outfit giving it a delightful look to drool upon.

  • Long Skirt With Tassel BLouse for Haldi Ceremony

This look makes you the Queen of your Haldi Ceremony Quotes. With the trendy look and tassel blouse, you’re gonna set the ground on fire. Choose a crop top for this tassel blouse and you will conquer many hearts. 


Style it with goggles to give a funky look. Add in floral jewelry to make it look more glowy and sassy. 

These are some of the Haldi Dress Ideas which will make you look like the queen of your World. Try these out to get that trendy and classy look on your Haldi Ceremony Day.