The Biggest Timezone Manila Branch

The biggest Timezone Manila branch is located at Ayala Mall Feliz. Time Zone is already a part of the lives of Filipinos. Kids are not the only ones who frequent this popular arcade centre. Even adults go to this place to have a good time. For many, going to Timezone is a nostalgic experience. It reminds them of their childhood. So even if they have the most advanced gaming consoles and gaming computers at home, they still go to arcades to have fun with friends. Going to the arcade is a social activity as well. Time Zone is a perfect place to meet up with friends because the place offers a lot of fun activities.

Timezone at Ayala Mall Feliz, which is the biggest Timezone Manila branch, offers more than just the usual arcade games. It’s a total entertainment centre. It’s a good place to go out on a date with that special person. There will be no awkward silences here, only fun and laughter brought about by the games and activities. One of the lures of Timezone is that it allows you to earn tickets that you can exchange for exciting prizes. There are many people in the Philippines who really go to Timezone to collect tickets so they can exchange them for home appliances and other big ticket prizes.

If you grew up going to Timezone then you’ll be filled with excitement when you step inside Timezone at Ayala Mall Feliz. This is the arcade that you have been dreaming of when you were a kid. You’ll be mesmerized by the lights coming from the games. It’s truly a fun place. And it seems that everybody is just happy there. You will simply love the energy of the place. It’s really hard not to get excited when you go to Timezone at Ayala Mall Feliz. If you’re a fan of arcades or video games, then going here is definitely a must. It’s easy to spend the whole day here if you’re a gaming fanatic.

The Biggest Timezone Manila Branch 2

But the Timezone at Ayala Mall Felize is more than just video games. There are other fun activities that you and your friends can try in this arcade. Are you into karaoke? Then you’ll love this place because it has several karaoke booths where you can sing your heart out in semi-privacy. Or maybe you’re a basketball junkie. Then you can try out your skills at the basketball stations. Or maybe bowling is your favorite sport. Then there is also the mini bowling game that you can try. Indeed, Time Zone is just for gamers. It’s for everyone who wants to have some fun and excitement. And if you get hungry from playing, Timezone also has a snack bar where you can get chips, hotdogs, and soda.

This Timezone Manila branch is also open for booking for special events. If you want to have a unique birthday celebration, for example, then you can spend it at Timezone. That’s a party that people will surely love to go to.