How to Get a Legal Name Change in California?

There are different reasons when people need to change their legal name in California. At times they change their name before getting married to someone, sometimes they want to change their name when they are getting married; other times, changing one’s legal name is when someone is planning to think about getting a divorce.

Whatever your reasons are, they can vary but are significant in one way or another. We will state all the important ones here to differentiate them from one another and go for the proper processing method to get it done correctly.

How to Legally Change a Name in California?

When it comes to changing your name legally, it is not a single step that the person needs to take, as many things need to be appropriately done step by step so everything will be done in the best way possible. You all can check this post here to find out what we have for you to explore in terms of legal reasons when people change their names for different reasons.

If you are thinking about changing it in California, it is essential that the person who fills the form is an adult and adequately knows the terms and conditions that need to be followed. All those over the age of eighteen can demand a change in name for themselves youngsters. The ones who are under 18 years of age are obliged to do it under their caretaker supervision.

This form is submitted to a California predominant court near the person’s home region alongside the necessary administrative work. The specified fee amount should also be given so that the processing will be done. The judge ensures the solicitation; the individual will be stated to fill in as legal verification of their name change.

Changing Name with CocoDoc

Although you will find numerous online formats of the forms when you need to change a name legally, from the homepage of CocoDoc, you can gain access to the most acceptable format used in the state of California.

How to Get a Legal Name Change in California? 1

It has a vast collection of templates from which you can choose the one that you need. Do all your legal work by filling in the necessary details on this form available on their site and leave your worries behind, as you don’t have to look for any other format to do the legal work.

Reasons Why People Need to Change their Name?

People change their names for multiple reasons, and they all are valid. You need to ensure that you are following the legal formalities of the state where you live so while you apply for the lawful processing, you don’t feel like you are unaware of the legal concerns of the region where you live.

1). Changing Name Following Divorce

If a woman took her husband’s name upon marriage, she might go for her maiden name upon separation or divorce or take on an entirely new name. Some states may give an easy way to go back and adopt a maiden name, so make sure that you are well aware of your state’s laws.

2). Dislike Current Name

A name change request can come about simply because a person doesn’t like their name at birth. Perhaps they’d like something more unique than their current names or something less memorable than a homespun name that joined parents’ names. People sometimes change their names that could be embarrassing, especially if someone mispronounced them or misspelled them.

3). Adult Change Name

Adults can also change their name by recording a Petition for Change of Name with the general court. After recording the request, the court will decide a date for a conference close to six and twelve weeks away.

The motivation behind the meeting will be for a scheduled authority to audit the stated name and determine if there is a valid reason for the change. Whenever validated, the chosen authority will sign a statement confirming that the name has been legally changed.

4). To Match Personal Pronouns

When someone is transgender, they likely grew up with a name they do not feel goes according to their personality and how they represent themselves. Their parents most probably gave them a name that is usually interlinked with the opposite gender.

For this reason, many transgender people like to change their name legally to something more masculine or feminine. By changing their name, they are making a foundation of a new life as their chosen gender.

5). Husband Taking Wife’s Name upon Marriage

It has become a trend as many men like to take their wife’s surname. Still, the procedure is streamlined in only California, New York, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Iowa. In these states, the name change process is precisely the same as for a wife taking her husband’s last name upon marriage, but more paperwork is required in other states.

6). Religious Reasons

Some people change their names because of religious reasons. Whether it is because of their current religious conversion or to honor a spiritual deity, name changes for religious reasons are pretty standard. There might be other reasons, like people changing their names to save themselves from racial discrimination, which is not an alien concept and has been observed since the very first day of history.

7). Minor Name Change

Changing a minor’s name can be done by presenting a solicitation or request to the court. The judge will ask for the purpose behind the name change, the child’s birth and present home, the minor’s current name, and the new name that you want to suggest.

The judge permits the solicitation and allows your request; a verification will be given, which will fill in as legal proof of the name change. The whole process sometimes takes as much as three months to be completed.

8). Personal Branding

Personal branding has become a vital part of today’s business. Many writers, singers, actors and actresses, social media influencers, and others famous by a nickname or pen name may like to legally alter to take ownership of the aura they made for themselves. You probably already go by your nickname on social media; it is how you are recognized professionally, and any new friends you meet, you as your stage name.

Final Words

Changing one’s name legally has much significance in people’s lives, and many people worldwide are going through this process for one reason or another. Just remember that all these reasons are valid.

Whenever you think about changing your name by following the state laws, it is vital to go through the terms and conditions of the rules being applied in your state to save yourself from unforeseeable trouble. We assure you that this article will be helpful for you and will lead you to fruitful results. You can contact us in case you have any more questions to ask.