Real Estate Businesses Observe 5X Sales Increment with Professional Aerial Photography

The use of new-age technology, such as drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), to drive real estate marketing is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Its abundance is beneficial. Drones for real estate marketing are becoming more popular, with 44 percent choosing to use them for commercial real estate. 

This is a substantial contribution to the drone industry’s market size, which is expected to reach $90 billion by 2025. Drone technology used in real estate, whether as commercial real estate drones or residential drones, incorporates aerial photography, aerial surveillance, mapping, and site inspection, as well as faster data collection and efficient UAV data processing. Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are quickly becoming the driving force behind real estate marketing! 

As a realtor, you may be wondering if employing professional drone photography services in your business is feasible or even necessary to stay competitive. Whatever you choose, drones and aerial photography are poised to become the next generation of cutting-edge real estate marketing tools that are surprisingly affordable. 

Aerial Photography Services Can Be Used for A Lot More Than You Might Think. 

Aerial Photography Services can display potential purchasers a range of items for real estate agents, including: 

  • High overhead photos and map-style views of the entire property and area are included.
  • Low elevated photos provide a distinctive and slightly lifted perspective of the property that standard property photography cannot.
  • Aerial photos show the residence from all perspectives, including the layout, features, and property line.
  • The home’s proximity to facilities, as well as the neighborhood and surrounding surroundings.

Capture Every Angle of The Real Estate Development  

A drone can reach and capture every angle of commercial property, putting the full layout of the site into perspective. For example, a huge development in Dubai may necessitate a bird’s-eye view in order to properly examine, map, or survey the land and infrastructure.  

Even a professional airplane or helicopter can’t compete with drones’ capabilities. A drone can provide vital information to both owners and buyers of commercial properties, as well as speed up the selling process by removing time-consuming stages like building inspections. 

A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Marketing Campaign 

Using a drone to capture aerial photographs and videos is cost-effective. Of course, hiring a professional photographer to take photos and videos inside a property is recommended to ensure the layout is properly represented.  

However, when it comes to delivering images of the exterior and full property/landscape, a drone is the most cost-effective option while still delivering the best quality results because it provides the scenic value and neighborhood of the property.

Using drones for aerial photography and filmmaking will undoubtedly increase and improve your marketing efforts. Traditional visuals have become overdone and dull in the real estate industry. Instead of low-resolution images that don’t elicit a good response, interested and potential online buyers want to see new viewpoints of properties.  

When social media posts offer something unique and distinct than what every other brand offers, they are considerably more likely to be shared and interacted with. 

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